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Cornwall Ontario – So many of us start our day with a cup of Joe – that old black magic; whether it be a triple triple, or black and refined; espresso or iced, frothy or flavoured to death; coffee is the magic elixir that gets so many of us through our work days.

Macleans Magazine did an extensive poll that showed that Tim Horton’s is not our favored caffeine fill up, and this writer can’t argue.

I gave up on the chain after our local owners, for reasons only they can answer, boycotted this newspaper.

That exposed me to options and certainly enough I discovered that I in fact like the other options much more.

Locally though service is an issue.  Our Timmie’s, as long as you aren’t ordering a bagel, deliver coffee far faster and with less grief than our local McDonald’s or Starbucks.   I actually asked for a blonde or medium coffee poured over ice and the lovely barista gave me a hot dark roast.

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Our local McDonald’s has even worse service.

Living in a town like Cornwall we don’t have as many coffee options.  Sometimes it’s just easier to brew it up at home and throw it in the ol travel mug.

What’s your favorite coffee joint, and how do you take yours?   Please post your comments below.


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