Historical Allegations in Cornwall That Will Never Truly Be Resolved by Jamie Gilcig 110117

Cornwall Ontario – With the current “Red Scare” like atmosphere floating around the World, from the Weinstein allegations, to Kevin Spacey and other bigwigs in all fields, and even going back to Sir John A MacDonald, questions are being asked and emotional responses and allegations to many of those questions are the soup de jour.

CFN has an archive with over 20,000 files and growing.   Many are of some of our most local regional names going back nearly 100 years.

The problem with many situations isn’t so much that they happen, which is horrible, but that too many people are simply not equipped to handle them and in many cases actually help those that abused them by living in silence.

Then there are those that actually have the bravery that step forward.   They are double victimized by a system that also faces false allegations.  Many cases of course can’t be proven legally because they are “he said, she said” situations with no other proof.  Contrary to what Rose McGowan stated, she isn’t the proof.

Ask any law enforcement or Justice official and they generally will tell you that most allegations brought forward are in fact false.   I’ve experienced this first hand including leading to my own false arrest here for making threatening phone calls and uttering death threats to deadbeat Mike Bedard (Roy’s Pools, Platinum Pools etc).

In my case it was a conspiratorial political attack during an election period, as well as a police chief needing a new contract which Dan Parkinson ended up with.  The production order from Bell showed I made zero phone calls as per the crowns disclosure.  I was still kept under condition for nearly a year, right through the last election.

For most police and judicial people nobody generally wants to see an innocent person’s life blow up.

While I personally, in my opinion, tend to believe for example that there is fire to the smoke of the Weinstein and Spacey allegations they have essentially lost their jobs and incomes while facing very expensive legal rounds that even if proven categorically innocent, will forever leave them stained.

That frankly is as wrong in many ways as actually committing a crime.

And then we get into what actually is behavior worthy of losing one’s job?  Rape, assault, pedophelia, check.  I think 99.9% of the population would believe that people that commit these atrocities deserve our wrath, scorn, and proper prosecution.

For example, I was in one of our local watering holes late one night and a clearly impaired young man came up to me, giggled like a little boy, and cupped my man boob.  It was odd.  It was kinda funny.   I’m sure there are those that would be utterly offended and some even freak out.   Did that person really deserve to be charged by police or lose their job?   Methinks not.   And he too probably wouldn’t remember the event today, and certainly not 30 years later.

But right now, in the 140 character space that is twitter, entire news stories are cobbled together from people whose opinions we normally wouldn’t give two farts over.

And that’s why so few victims really do come forward and why so many that are making our headlines would probably not pass any legitimate stink test for abuse.

Just because something offends someone doesn’t mean it’s wrong.   And if a wrong is committed the right steps have to be taken, even if they aren’t pleasant or people repeat their behaviors.  We need to teach our children and ourselves how to deal with situations.

But what happens when you live in a culture that essentially says it’s ok to beat your wife or molest young women working in restaurants?

What about a society that says, hell yeah, we’ll put you on city council and consider you for mayor even when there are nearly a dozen young women that state that they were hit on by the very married aspiring politician, some even while being his student?

Or put you on council to thank you for keeping so many secrets…

What happens when you’re already in a position of high office and have the benefit of the PM’s staff to help “clean up” a mess that normally would see someone charged by police?

Do you really name arenas and other facilities after these people?  Do we really overlook their bad for the good that they are a part of, even if they didn’t do said good on their own?

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We live in a world of myths.  One of them is that if you work hard and do good work everything works out.   While the proof, especially in this area, is that if you shut your mouth, do what you’re told, look down when a woman is brought into emergency clearly with her face and body beaten with no answer as to how her injuries were sustained, will be the path to gainful employment, and if you’re really lucky to have your name on an arena, while skimming loads of cash from your connections while others work for low dollars in restaurants becoming victims of your friends.

Or you get honorary titles even after allegations about using “rent boys” in your gov’t paid for apartment while working Queen’s Park.

It doesn’t make any sense does it?

And at the end of the day the Harvey Weinstein’s, Kevin Spacey’s, and so many others including too many locally, become successful and wealthy not because of their talents, but because of the silence of their victims and the silence of their enablers.

That Virginia, is our reality.    That’s a reality that many now have to look at rather than waiting for metaphorical public executions.    Sometimes people have to truly look in the mirror and realize that they are the monsters, and not the names in the headlines.

Ultimately all of us have to make choices in our life and as our Corrupt police Chief once shared with me:

Live in the Sunshine.

If you wish to step forward with any historical allegations you can email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com – all replies are confidential.



  1. It is sad when people know or have heard the rumours & still do nothing to protect children, look at Kevin Spacey, hollyweird even did jokes about him being a pedophile going back 10 years or more. Cartoon character Stewy on Family Guy was running away naked yelling that Kevin Spacey was after him…so…all in the business knew !!

  2. Cornwall is mired with pedophilia. I remember when I was in high school and Catholics took religious classes. Well one day I had a terrible feeling about a certain priest who taught that class and I got up and said that I was protestant in order to leave that class. It has been only a couple of weeks that the same priest passed away – one of Cornwalls pedophiles. I cannot say that I am sorry.

  3. Mary Bray many people know about pedophilia and are very afraid to come forward. Look at the huge sham and kangaroo court that went on in Cornwall and the guilty were not prosecuted nor put in prison. Many died but will face the hand of God. I remember some of my male classmates in elementary school who were altar boys and abused by the priests. I will never forget any of that and more.

  4. Jamie what was done to you was a real witch hunt and these filthy dirty people got away with their evil ways. I told you that I would never go back to Cornwall ever and that is my solumn word. The cops of Cornwall did not want to review your phones because they knew that you were innocent and they too are involved in this witch hunt. To me Cornwall is a mighty evil place to live.

  5. Author

    Jules I will keep pushing until the province does a full investigation and those officers and crowns involved are held accountable.

    Jennifer Burke, the first crown, actually balked at getting a production order to prove whether I was guilty or not. It was only after we demanded her refusal in writing that the crown put in the order which showed I made zero phone calls. In the crown’s disclosure they actually wrote that there was a 17 second call where it was alleged that I said “you’re dead”. I can’t imagine any handicap or issue where saying two words would take 17 seconds.

  6. I have heard about spoofing and I asked hubby as well as my adult children if they have ever heard about that and they said yes. There was something that I read in a fast way earlier that had something to do with spoofing. Cornwall is mighty corrupt and I would never go back there ever again. You may find me at the Bird Sanctuary or that place in Morrisburg.

  7. Jamie you have to keep on pushing to get things resolved in Cornwall. The entire town is completely corrupted to the core. There has to be a Donald Trump type of a person to DRAIN THE SWAMP and Cornwall is one big stinking swamp. Cornwall hides its dirty linen and doesn’t want to expose it to the world but it has to be exposed in order to make the necessary changes.

  8. Author

    Jules I’m nothing remotely like President Trump.

  9. LOL LOL. No I don’t think that you have even less than 1% of President Trump Jamie and in order to recognize you you would have to have quite a blonde wig on, grow quite a number of inches tall, be more blonde than what you are and many other changes. It is like converting hubby into Trump – that would require a miracle – hubby is short as well and swarthy complexion. The Donald is very white.

  10. Many years ago (at least 30 years) I was in the basement of our townhouse at the time doing laundry. Who shows up downstairs was hubby with DARK RED HAIR that is called Henna and you talk about me roaring with laughter as I am now. He looked like a sick carrot. He went upstairs to the bathroom and washed that stuff out of his hair that a Lebanese hair dresser did to him.

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