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Cornwall Ontario – Beauty hacks Here are some hacks everyone should know! Here are some tips that actually work and can help you in a pinch so lets not waste too much time and jump right into it!

1.If you curl your hair vertically you’ll actually get tighter curls, but if you curl them them horizontally way you’ll get looser beachy looking curls!

2.If you burn your hands while using a curling iron or a straightner grab some honey and put it directly on the burn it’ll stop it from hurting and help with healing.

3.To get a more voluminous ponytail I have two different hacks. Put your hair in a ponytail flip it upside down and take 2 bobby pins insert them through the elastic in the back facing downwards and then flip your hair back over and there you have it. You can also try it this way when in the shower.  Use your conditioner first and let it sit for a few minutes then shampoo your hair and if you want to step it up blow dry your hair upside down and you’ll have instant volume!

4.I know I’ve probably gotten foundation on my white top almost every time I’ve applied makeup so the way to save your shirt is to apply shaving cream on the stain rub it i throw it in the wash and voila your shirt is saved!

5.If you happen to break your lipstick take a lighter and warm up the bottom of the broken lipstick for a few seconds and place it back in the tube and your lipstick is saved!

6.If you want fuller longer looking lashes take a makeup brush and coat your lashes in baby powder and then add mascara you can repeat this step as many times as you want until you achieve your desired look!

7.I think we’ve all had the displeasure of getting mascara on our lids while applying. Don’t go in right away to remove it wait about a minute till it dries take a q tip and use circular motions to remove it this world 100 times better and won’t disturb your eyeshadow!

8.If you want to get a few more uses out of your almost empty mascara take a few drops of vision and shake the tube!

9.If you struggle with winged eye liner take a piece of tape and stick on the outside of your eye on a slant and then take your liner and apply and you’ll have the perfect cat eye this also works when applying eyeshadow to get a nice crisp line!

10.When applying nail polish in a hurry just throw some ice cubes in a bowl with cold water and dip your fingers in for about a minute and boom your nails are dry!

11.If you have dry lips take a soaked green tea bag or chamomile and place it on your lips for 5 minutes and problem solved!

12.If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to shave your legs in the shower just apply a little vaseline to the desired area and you’re good to go another fun tip with vaseline is that it helps your perfume stay on longer so apply the tiniest amount to your wrists and or neck rub it in and apply your favourite perfume and it will last all day!

13.When using a self tanner take some hand or body lotion apply it all over your hands, elbows, knees, feet and ankles so that the tanner doesn’t stick to those dry areas. These are some great hacks that I’ve tried and tested and actually work very well! If you have some of your own tips or end up trying any of these I would love to hear about it!

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She also is an advocate for improving Prisoner Rights, especially for moms facing the justice system in Canada. She has been a passionate guest speaker at events all across Canada.

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