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Cornwall Ontario – Things You Should Know While Shopping At Sephora.

Sometimes stores don’t tell you about all the extra goodies you can get it’s kind of like the secret Starbucks menu if you don’t know then they don’t tell you so here are some helpful tips and tricks while shopping at Sephora some of you may already know them and some may not but it’s worth reading so let’s get into it!

1.Make sure you’re signed up for your Sephora insider card this will save all your purchases and where all your points will go it also lets you know when you hit different tiers.

2.Sephora has an amazing return policy I bet you didn’t know that you can return items you’ve used that you may not have loved for up to a year and that means absolutely anything you’ve bought from Sephora can’t  be returned! You have 30 days for a refund with a receipt after that they will give you a store credit however the item returned must be logged in your Sephora account!

3.When shopping in store you can ask for samples of anything from perfume to lipstick the limit is supposed to be 3 but I’ve definitely never been turned down when asking for a few more.

4.If you’re looking for a great deal check out the end of the product isles or on the outer end of the stores this is where you’ll find all the sale items they don’t really advertise them so make sure to keep an eye open.

5.If you spend over 350$ you’ll hit VIB status which gives you free one time in store makeover and invitations to exclusive events valid for 1 full year.

6.When you spend 1000$ you’ll hit VIB Rouge status which includes free makeovers, free gifts, free shipping, invitations to exclusive events also valid for a year.

7.Sephora employees are not allowed to direct you to a specific brand so instead ask about the top 5 products available.

8.For every dollar you spend you’ll earn 1 point you can then redeem these points for free makeup and other products that you can see online in the rewards bazar categories or whatever they have available in store.

9.If an item goes on sale within 2 weeks of your purchase they will refund you the difference.

10.You can be colour matched in store for foundation it is then saved on your beauty insider account and it’ll tell you what shade you are in any and every brand they carry at Sephora.

11.The newest and most expensive products will be at eye level so if you’re looking for something less expensive check the bottom shelves for better deals.

12.You get a free gift every year on your birthday so make sure you claim it.

13.When shopping online make sure you claim your 3 free samples if you spend 25$ or more then you’re entitled to a deluxe size sample just click on the beauty offer option in the menu and you’ll be able to choose one.

14.You can get 2 day shipping by paying 10$ which is valid for a full year.

15.Make sure you’re signed up for Sephora emails you’ll be the first ones to know about special deals, sales and more.

16.A couple times a year you’ll get a 20% code for VIB and VIBROUGE items and you can use it as many times as you want until it ends which is usually 3 days long.

17.Clicking this link will show you all the awesome deluxe samples that you may not always be able to see directly on the site LINK

So here you have it some of my favourite tips and tricks while shopping at Sephora while we’re speaking of makeup if you click on the lipsense link below and fill out a quick skin care survey you’ll receive a 10$ off coupon for any product valued at 30$ or more there’s also lots of fun giveaways and flash sales!


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