Scumbags Steal Christmas Display from Front Yard in Cornwall Ontario – 120317

Cornwall Ontario – For the Jeeves family in downtown Cornwall Christmas is off to a rocky start after the family discovered that their outdoor Christmas display was stolen from the Augustus and 6th part of the city.!

To the little punks that’s stole my kids lightening/Minnie mouse blow ups and Christmas lights last night hope your happy!! Is anyone sees them up or for sale please let me know…. poor kids were both heartbroken this morning! Pretty sad..

In the thread on social media other reports were mentioned as well.

There was no release on the CCPS media page nor social media.  (nothing since December 1)

If you see the Jeeves display you can reach the Cornwall Police at 613 933 5000.

We will update when more info becomes available.

Images: social media


  1. Wouldn’t you just love to find one of these people in the middle of committing the crime and just let them have it. This is brutal!

  2. We have experienced theft in both Cornwall and Ottawa way back when. Only the lowest garbage does this kind of stuff. We would never go back to Cornwall to live ever again. We even had a simple pumpkin stolen from our garden when we owned just to show you how low some people will stoop.

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