Brookdale KFC Break In Confirmed by Cornwall Police 120417

Cornwall Ontario – A curious CFN viewer asked why we didn’t cover the break in at a local Kentucky Fried Chicken last Tuesday overnight on Brookdale and we could only answer that it wasn’t reported to media or sent in.

Tonight CCPS confirmed the overnight break in.

If you see news happen email your photos or video to!

No injuries reported and the crime is still under investigation.

We will update if more information is released.


  1. Someone must have been awful hungry and couldn’t wait to eat his or her pail of chicken – finger licking good. LOL LOL. I never ate their chicken ever only the cole slaw that my co-workers would give me here in Ottawa.

  2. If the CCPS reported to the media every break in, robbery, assault (especially with wet noodles), etc the media wouldn’t have enough space to report it all. They only post the charges or significant happenings.

  3. I agree.It would be nice if the CCPS did it like Kingston.But Kingston is 2½ times the size of Cornwall. The staffing levels would have to be there.I doubt if they are in Cornwall to assign someone to compile these on a daily basis..As people like to compare us to Brockville they only release their reports every few days. And yes, I know the CCPS doesn’t release the reports often enough.Nuff said

  4. Author

    Sorry Hugger. Kingston has a cost per person that’s nearly 50% less than Cornwall. We have enough Senior Staff Sgts that one of them should be literate enough to do up a daily report instead of forcing it on Cst that probably is already over worked. We need transparency and accountability by the CCPS and that will only happen if the public speak up. I am being abused by certain members of the CCPS simply for asking for basic info comparable to what the KPS provides. The public should be supporting this newspaper for asking for basic info since the other local media are not.

  5. You know we’ll never agree on this one. But I agree with you to a certain point. But IMHO the stats that the KPS put out seem a little too detailed. C’est la vie. If we all agreed on everything life would be pretty boring and uneventful. The CCPS should put out more detailed stats, somewhere between what they do now and what the KPS puts out.

  6. I see the CCPS has added the total number of calls for service to their blotter. It’s a start. Now all we need is a breakdown.

  7. Not every crime is reported here in Ottawa and if it were it would fill both Ottawas papers to capacity and not enough room for other news. Every time I hear the cops and others go by I always say that they are in hot persuit to the doughnut shop.

  8. Author

    Hugger do you think that randomly occurred? They have the breakdown. They simply need to publish it.

  9. Author

    You and everyone else that is concerned and wants that info is welcome 🙂

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