$846,648.46 of Td Cash to Finally Arrive to Hebert Family in Cornwall – 122217

When Dr. Louis Hebert died in 2015 leaving $846,648.46 to each of his three kids, Lorette Taylor, Marie-Louise Marlow & Louis Paul Herbert,  nobody expected the circus that has been the hot mess of the missing money that never arrived at the Cornwall UPS store.

10 months after UPS lost a $846,648.46 inheritance cheque, the bank is finally going to cough up the dough after initially refusing to.

‘It’s clear to us we didn’t get this right along the way and that there was more we could have done to come to a resolution faster,’ said TD Canada Trust bank spokeswoman Cheryl Ficker.   

TD  had originally grinched the family and UPS only offered to refund the $32 shipping along with an apology.

The bank was alleged to have gotten heavy on the family in other media reports.

…the bank said they would only get their money if they signed an indemnity agreement. Essentially, the bank wanted to hold Lorette — the executor of her father’s estate — liable for life if the draft was cashed illegally.

Then, she says, TD Canada Trust ignored the agreement.

“They never paid anyone a dime,” she said. 

In fact the bank came back with even more demands. It wanted to put a lien on the Taylors’ home or force the family to buy GICs in the full amount of the bank draft. The lien or GICs would have to be in place for at least three years.  

The Taylors say all of the onus to protect the bank would have been put on them; 40-year customers of the bank.

After the story went viral worldwide(and probably the family lawyered up), the bank reconsidered its position and decided that Lorette Taylor and her brother Louis Paul Herbert would get their money.

Oddly enough the family had been assured by the bank that sending a draft was the safest way to handle the payment and could be replaced if lost.

The family went to the UPS store in Cornwall expecting to pick up their draft, but it never arrived.

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