2018 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Transport Canada AIRBAG RECALL 122917

Recall Details

Transport Canada Recall # 2017654

Recall Date 2017/12/20
Notification Type Safety Mfr
System Airbag
Manufacturer Recall Number R0137 (71CG13)
Units Affected The number of vehicles or components affected by the recall. 921
Category SUV
Recall Details
On certain vehicles, the inflator diffuser installed in certain side curtain air bag modules may not have been manufactured correctly. If the vehicle were involved in a crash that warranted side curtain airbag deployment, this could potentially lead to the diffuser detaching. If the diffuser were to detach, it could become a projectile in the occupant compartment, and could cause a tear that could result in the side curtain airbag to not fully inflate. Both of these conditions could increase the risk of injury in a crash. Correction: Dealers will replace both the right and left hand side curtain airbags.
Make Model Model Year(s) Affected

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