Calls for Boycotts of Tim Hortons After Penny Grubbing on Employees by Jamie Gilcig 010318

Cornwall Ontario – Letters like the one above are being shared locally.

Our inbox has been filled by local workers upset at being penalized for issues that they feel they have not contributed to or had no say in.

Some employees say that they will actually take home less after the adjustments.   Several said they’re hoping to unionize after what they termed “a slap in the face”.

No local McDonalds or Starbucks workers have shared similar draconian and punitive actions.

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Tim Hortons has seen their market share take a beating locally as people are taking their caffeine addictions to Starbucks and McDonalds since both have pushed hard into the market.

Many area eateries are having to adjust after Ontario drastically raised its minimum wage.

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Editor’s note:  The Moyer family were not contacted for this story as they boycott this newspaper, the largest in their market, in a prejudicial manner. 

Clarification: Our earlier version of this story stated that most of the local franchises are owned by the Moyer Family.   One of the Moyer family phoned us today and shared that in fact not all are owned by the family.  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.  Michelle Matos said that none of her stores are implementing these Draconian penny pinching actions. 


  1. This is BS the government raises the minimum wages and who pays for it? the customers and employees, How is this fair? I believe in businesses making a profit if not, they wouldn’t exist, But to what point?Companies would never achieve their business if it wasn’t for their employees, to make your employees suffer because you want to make a maximum profit is just disgusting and shameful!

  2. I personally know Mike Moyer, he’s a good man and I can’t see him doing this. But hey I don’t know if he did or didn’t. If he did that’s not good. I’m not a Tim Hortons guy so I don’t buy there anyway, but i could see how this would anger a lot of Canadians!

    Has Marc Bergevin been fired yet? #FireBergevin #FireMolson

  3. Author

    Terry it’s why it’s really important to make good decisions about who we vote for whether municipally, provincially, or federally.

  4. Author

    Bob Mr. Bergevin is still with the Habs. If Mr. Molson is really pulling his strings he probably won’t be fired until the end of the season, if that.

  5. Imagine that, a Tim Hortons trying to compare itself to a local small business. Let’s see your books, your yearly profit, it’s the only way to justify taking from the working poor. Are bonuses for the guys on top of the ladder cancelled, you know, because you’re now gonna go completely broke Tim Hortons? Should have been called an adjustment for inflation, instead of a wage increase.

  6. In my opinion, it is the working class that primarily supports Tim Hortons, as Canadians, we like the association of family, favorite hockey hero, and community. But now, as some of us find this letter insulting, kind of nasty and obviously uncaring we find our next act of going for coffee at Timmies unpleasant and the coffee equally so. They are kind biting off the hand that feeds them?

  7. I am not a fan of the Liberals. But, they have made some progressive labour legislation; raising the WORKING wage. This is so PETTY in order to prove a point. IMO while this will affect workers at 2 locations (for now), this is a broader public statement indirectly by HQ at Tim’s. I hope people boycott but even if the profits dropped Tim’s will spin that to high min-wage

  8. Small business is reacting to forced economics and reality. In the end the consumer loses to higher costs, inflation. The government is the prime benefactor through increased tax revenues. When the dust settles a minimum wage earner will be no better off. IMO. Time will tell the true story.

  9. Keep in mind if you were a small business owner your paycheque just decreased by over 25 percent. If you were just making it before you are now faced with a real business decision. Streamline or find a new line of work.

  10. I don’t go to Tim’s or anywhere with a drive through so I’m not defending anyone however all employers will be taking counter measures of some form so get ready for higher prices and even poorer service all around.

  11. Dale what are your plans for grocery stores, Walmarts, well just about every consumer outlet imaginable that has employees. Will you stop buying and boycott all businesses struggling under the effect of an irresponsible money grabbing liberal dictatorship?

  12. From numerous sources (Bank of Canada, TD Bank, et al) tens of thousands of jobs in Ontario will be lost (primarily entry level minimum wage positions) with estimates of 1 in 10 currently in those jobs. These are the most vulnerable workers. Thank Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals for this one.

  13. Author

    To me the biggest issue is that there are jobs wanting because we don’t have skills and experience. How do workers get those if they can’t get entry level jobs and how do employers pay full freight for those without skills or experience? We now have the Ontario gov’t funding courses at places like Tri County Literacy for skills that would normally be gained while working entry level jobs. That makes no sense. Again, an actual wealth creating business hires employees to create more wealth. The value of that work has to create more wealth and value that it costs or the company fails.


  15. 1. Political motives aside, government hiked the minimum wage so that workers can eke out a living.
    2. Business can raise prices fairly to cover the extra expense …but to cut benefits?
    SHAME on them!
    3. Customers can pay a bit extra to help fellow workers …but to complain?
    Shame on THEM!

    Can’t afford it? Adjust. Quit living beyond your means at the expense of underpaid workers.

  16. Author

    Simon isn’t it ironic that it appears that more of the raise ends up back with the province than with the workers when you crunch the numbers?

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