Photos of the Day by Calvin Hanson – Wild Turkeys in Long Sault 010318

Cornwall Ontario – One of our area’s finest and most generous photographers snapped these amazing shots of some of our Wild Turkeys including a rare white Smoke Phase turkey!


From Mr. Hanson:

The Wild Turkeys are struggling right now with the deeper snow that has hardened, and with the severe cold temperatures.  And, with the usual winter activities some of which come pretty close to flocks of Wild Turkeys, some flocks are moving to a different location. 

I usually see anywhere from 8 to 12 flocks per day, varying in size……… in the fall I saw a flock of 83, but this is when the males were vying for dominance, fanning their tails and parading around with their wing feathers dropped to the ground, heads brilliant red………Now the flocks have settled down, some have stayed with the dominant male who won out in that flock, while others in the flock have followed another male and formed a new flock. 

A girl looking for something to nibble on.

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Mr. Hanson took the shots in Long Sault and Harrison’s Corners.

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  1. Calvin, what more can be said, beautiful pictures, as usual !

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