Aspiring Conservative Politician Lyle Warden Comes Out of the Closet – 020918

Cornwall Ontario –  While Patrick Brown’s been toasted politically, here in SD&G we’re seeing more young Conservatives coming out of the closet and living in their own truths.

For South Glengarry Councilor Lyle Warden the big step was taken recently.  He confirmed via telephone that he has come out of the closet.

In 2018 there really is no reason for any political candidate to not live their truth, is there?

Recently Conservative MP Guy Lauzon’s former executive director, Eric Duncan, also came out officially, although it really wasn’t much of a secret.

In fact young Duncan actually brought Lauzon to a Pride meeting in Cornwall a few years ago.

With a gay premier, clearly Ontario is comfortable with people’s sexuality in 2018, but the big question is if Eastern Ontario will be as accepting as both are up for election municipally in this year’s upcoming elections.

There’s even been questions of media bias in favour of Gay candidates as two of the areas media have gay editors.

Sadly former PC leader Brown and other Conservatives took heat from within their party for participating in Pride Celebrations in Ontario.

Lyle also sells real estate in the area.

His father John, who while renowned for pumping sewage, also ran for politics, which when you think about it really is kinda sorta similar….   He was a South Glengarry Councilor from 2003 to 2006 and Deputy Mayor from 2006 to 2010.


CFN wishes to congratulate Mr. Warden, and any Progressive Conservative brave enough to live their life honestly and openly.

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