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Gambling is a hugely popular pastime in Canada and prior to the age of the internet and online casinos, the country already had a booming market for this type of gaming. In 1992, revenue from lotteries, casinos, and slot machines was $2.73 billion, as we read on This rose rapidly, and by 2008 the market was worth $13.67 billion. The upward trajectory has continued to soar as online casinos have cropped up in abundance. As one of the leading players in this flourishing sector, what could be the next step for online gambling in the Great White North?

A Huge Amount of Choice

It has often been argued that a casino in Cornwall would be a good idea, as it could create some jobs, keep cash in the community, and possibly attract more tourism. But one major stumbling block for councillors like Mark A MacDonald in implementing new ventures like this is the fact that the online gambling industry is ruling the roost. The many fans of staking money on casino games in Canada are finding it progressively easier to play online, and this is making it harder for brick and mortar gambling houses to succeed.

It could be argued that gambling online provides the optimum experience, and the internet rooms could pull further ahead in the near future. This is because of the accessibility, the amount of choice, and the tantalising bonuses on offer online. You only have to look at sites like to see the advantages of playing on the internet. A common theme between sites in Canada is to offer a first deposit bonus of around $1000, often along with free spins to use on games as well. Giving away free money to these extremes is unheard of in land-based casinos.


New Technology Usage on the Horizon?

New technology could lead online casinos to push their land-based ancestors further into the background. Looking at online what casinos currently have on offer, such as at this Betway review at, shows an eagerness of adoption of new technology. However, things are set to go further than this. Specifically, it is expected that virtual reality will soon become a major gaming platform. Despite the fact that the new technology has failed to boom up to this point, the projections suggest that the VR and AR market could be worth $215 billion in 2021 according to First-generation models such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive were quite expensive for the average user upon their release, but as newer models come out, these initial offerings should become more affordable. During this time, it gives developers a chance to iron out problems and refine the quality of products they produce for the platform.

Online casino developers have already started making games for VR. Microgaming have worked on VR Roulette, while Net Entertainment have released some virtual slot games. There is a strong chance that, in the future, players will be able to walk around virtual casinos. If this comes to fruition, will there be any need for land-based casinos at all?

It is clear that despite the possible need for a casino in Cornwall, the online casino sector is pulling further ahead of its land-based counterpart. Embracing and investing in new technology looks to be the way forward to profit from this growing industry.

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