Seat Projections For Ontario Election Same as in January as PC’s on Precipice of Majority Wynne on June 7th

Cornwall Ontario – On what’s expected to be a simple rejection of a corrupt and incompetent government that simply served itself and friends media spin has been fascinating.

Total bias is clearly apparent in some media outlets that clearly are pushing for one side or another.

Eric Grenier’s poll tracker, which accumulates data from multiple polls, has shown some interesting data.

While popular vote has coalesced around the NDP, especially after Premier Wynne’s historic concession days before the actual vote, the combined seat projections as of June 3rd(today) are exactly the same as on January 11th.

The PC’s are still projected to win 68 seats which would give them a clear majority.

The big switch has been the destruction of the Liberal brand and party which may not save a single seat making Premier Wynne look like a worse politician that Tim Hudak.

The NDP have snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory by its leader Andrea Horwath simply failing her acid test.

Instead of simply saying that sometimes good people miss the mark and firing some contentious candidates like Erica Kelly, and Tasleem Riaz, and the fact that there are so many is not a good omen for leadership in Ontario, but also digging her feet in on issues like back to work legislation have clearly spooked enough voters to allow the Doug Ford PC’s enough space to pass the line on the 7th.

With the debates over and pretty much all of the political rabbits out of the hat it leaves four days for voters to murmur to each other and weigh on the who they want to lead the province.

If the NDP actually make it close it will be because of the party’s failure in Eastern Ontario.  Not only did they not advertise where people actually read, but Horwath did not visit the region appearing to think Eastern Ontario ends at Ottawa?

While many seats in Eastern Ontario will be PC, there are 3-4 seats which could’ve been turned with some positive attention and actual candidates that might have an impact in the community instead of some of the muppets chosen like the one in this riding. (Stormont Dundas & South Glengarry)

While Ford has been ridiculed for spending most of the time on his Big Blue Bus, it has allowed him face to face contact with many communities that Wynne and Horwath simply ignored.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Will we see a PC Majority as expected?   Will there be any surprises left this election or will it be one of the lowest voter turnouts in recent history?

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  1. Even with an obnoxious buffoon leading them, it looks like the Cons will take it this time.

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    That’d didn’t hurt, did it Furtz ol chum? 🙂

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