View from the Hill by Keith Beardsley – How Much for Trudeau Summer Place Renos @ Harrington Lake? 061818

Ottawa Ontario – According to the PMO the Prime Minister and his family enjoy the outdoors. This is a good thing. When you are faced with such a demanding and stressful job, giving your Prime Minister some down time in the outdoors is a good thing.

If we look at the latest NCC approved renovations for the Prime Minister’s summer residence at Harrington Lake; we see that he is trying hard to copy everyday middle-class Canadians and our standard of living.

Don’t we all wish we could afford a nice new sauna and not have to pay for its installation? I am sure our senior citizens would love to have one installed in their back yard or on their deck, especially if the installation costs were paid for by someone else.  Don’t you agree with the NCC that paying a mere $4300 was worth the cost?

And look at those middle-class patio umbrellas that the NCC were able to give the Prime Minister. They cost a lowly $1000 each. I suppose the NCC doesn’t mix and mingle with ordinary middle-class Canadians at their local Canadian Tire store, as there the most expensive ones were a whopping $499.

Every family needs a play structure for their children, mind you most can’t afford one. But in the true spirit of supporting the middle class the NCC bought one for the Prime Minister for only $7500. What a bargain! At your local Canadian Tire store, they sell for $599 for a combo swing set and play structure.

$28,000 for extra grooming of cross country trails for the PM really isn’t much when you consider that he is already surrounded by miles and miles of some of the best cross-country trails in the country and they already exist for his use in Gatineau Park. But what is an extra $28,000 when you live the middle-class lifestyle.

Every Prime Minister deserves a decent place to live in and this one is no different, but let’s keep in mind that it is the middle class taxpayer paying for it. The NCC should take note- how quickly do you think a reporter could find suppliers, electricians, landscaping companies etc. who could do the job for much less cost?

Inquiring minds want to know.


  1. Harrington Lake is the official summer residence of the prime minister of Canada. Occasionally, these buildings require maintenance and upgrades.

  2. Keith Beardsley, at times, can’t grasp what is required. As Furtz said sometimes these buildings require maintenance. Do we want them to get to the same condition as 24 Sussex Dr?

  3. Herrington Lake, 24 Sussex etc etc etc. Trudeau spent at least $7600 on a swing set for his kids as Herrington Lake. There is so much more including a sauna tub all at our expense. Our people are having a hard time and Trudeau is spending our money and many are living on the streets and many middle and lower incomes have no work or making very little. Trudeau is a multi millionaire.

  4. So smart , but yet so uniformed.

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