So After a Busy Weekend of Listening Do You Want Me to Run? Election 2018 & Brampton 2.0 by Jamie Gilcig 071618

Cornwall Ontario –   It’s really weird getting stopped in public places and asked to talk about politics and in particular my running for office again this 2018 election.

The most common theme I heard over the weekend is that this town would putrefy with David Murphy as mayor.  I can’t say I disagree with that feeling, and I still am hoping that a better candidate steps forward this week that I can support.

And while I have stated that if nobody else opposed Murphy I’d run for mayor again I still would rather not.

So convince me Cornwall.   Send a clear message.  It’s time for those in the shadows to step forward.

This piece gives you a chance to step up and sign a petition for me to run for office again and for those of you that wish to sign my endorsement papers please post a comment and you’ll be emailed.

It really is your call.   Do you want a more inclusive business friendly community with leadership that will work to get a grip on our runaway taxes? Do you want City Hall cleaned up of corrupt and weak management?

Then you know what to do, but only you can make that happen.   Will we see 100 signatures by Friday?

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Please note that signatures(your name will not be visible)  will not be posted for this petition and that your cache may need to be updated to get the latest results.


  1. I want everyone to know that the only way that Cornwall will straighten up and I said it many times before and that is to kick the clique out of town and let them get lost in big cities where nobody knows them nor wants to know them. Cornwall needs a good mayor and good council and like I said first things first before the town can heal. Jamie you made the right decision for now.

  2. 4 and 32. Zero interest in the four running for mayor. But we have a chance to change council and this city. Let’s not f**k it up AGAIN!!

  3. As Jamie said how is Kelly Bergeron allowed to run. Her organization is funded, partially,by the city. If a janitor can’t run how is it she can?

  4. Author

    Hugger if they didn’t have their $50K from the city they wouldn’t have funding to pay her salary. Her own spreadsheet at Council showed that. It’s boggling.

  5. The provincial rules need to be better defined as to “employees” running for office. The rules as written are open to a very wide interpretation.

  6. The poll for mayor needs a “None of the above” option. The “I’ve had enough and will be moving from Cornwall and it’s corruption, high electric rates, and high taxes,” is not the same thing.

  7. Author

    I mulled that Hugger and decided to go this route.

  8. I’m disappointed with what appears to be the potential for the same type of clique. How nice things would have been with Jamie, Diane Shay who I thought was running for council, Greg Kieleg, Mike O’Neil, Rob Hickley, who’d be a great candidate and councillor as I’ve heard great things of him, and Korey Kennedy, who took no shet when he was on council. Instead it looks like special interest people

  9. Author

    Pete I know of about a half dozen candidates that decided not to run based on how dysfunctional city hall is right now. I’m not sure we can move forward until Brampton 2.0 is implemented. The status quo isn’t working.

  10. Jamie….will you be doing an article on the various candidates for council? On my own I’ve been able to eliminate 7 of the 32 running.

  11. Author

    Hugger, yes, we’ll be covering. If viewers donate more we’ll be covering more. I can’t find 7 to support(I voted for 6 in the poll) yet so it sounds like you’re doing much better so far. 🙂

  12. I’ve been going by what I’ve read so far. And I eliminated another one after driving by Ribfest yesterday and seeing the people by the curb.

  13. Author

    What does Ribfest and people by the curb have to do with candidates Hugger?

  14. One of them was there with other vegan and vegetarian protestors.

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