So After a Busy Weekend of Listening Do You Want Me to Run? Election 2018 & Brampton 2.0 by Jamie Gilcig 071618

Cornwall Ontario –   It’s really weird getting stopped in public places and asked to talk about politics and in particular my running for office again this 2018 election.

The most common theme I heard over the weekend is that this town would putrefy with David Murphy as mayor.  I can’t say I disagree with that feeling, and I still am hoping that a better candidate steps forward this week that I can support.

And while I have stated that if nobody else opposed Murphy I’d run for mayor again I still would rather not.

So convince me Cornwall.   Send a clear message.  It’s time for those in the shadows to step forward.

This piece gives you a chance to step up and sign a petition for me to run for office again and for those of you that wish to sign my endorsement papers please post a comment and you’ll be emailed.

It really is your call.   Do you want a more inclusive business friendly community with leadership that will work to get a grip on our runaway taxes? Do you want City Hall cleaned up of corrupt and weak management?

Then you know what to do, but only you can make that happen.   Will we see 100 signatures by Friday?

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Please note that signatures(your name will not be visible)  will not be posted for this petition and that your cache may need to be updated to get the latest results.


  1. We Have a person to run against David Murphy Her name is Nicole Spahich

  2. Yes, you need to run for mayor. Or another quality candidate that can beat Murphy/O’Shaughnessy needs to step forward. The thought of Murphy as mayor scares me. I think O’Shaughnessy will file his papers before the deadline. The thought of O’Shaughnessy running for mayor also scares me after seeing what he has done so far. If they both run we get rid of one of them at least.

  3. Author

    Hugger I really don’t think that shagger will run for mayor against Smurphy, especially without Diane Shay or CFN viewers support. What on earth would he campaign on, his record? A local businessman, at the Rob Ford meet n greet, which the Ford team invited me to and I covered, nailed Shagman with the following? ” I thought you weren’t a Conservative anymore.” The look on Les’s face was hysterical.

    I know we can do better than David Murphy and Leslie O’Shaughnessy. I know we can do better than Flipper. Frankly I can’t find a reason to bring back any more than one or two of the current council based simply on performance this term, if that. Rubber stamping bad CAO decisions is not why we have a council. Burning through consultant cash is not why we have a council.

    It took a majority of council to rubber stamp the BMO building purchase in the shadows. I think that council and management had a hunch that the public would not support the Elaine MacDonald follies if it was done in the open.

    But most importantly would this City government gone years without a CUPE contract and then allowed a strike over an issue that Robert Menagh or other qualified HR poobah would never support? How many millions did that mess cost us all? And for what? Petty ego and foot rubs?

    We can do better and the Brampton 2.0 t shirts will be ready before the election heats up.

  4. I have put my name in the race for council.

  5. Jamie I want to see you run for mayor but on one condition and that is that it doesn’t affect your health and well being. You have to know how to deal with people and people can be mighty irate and I know I had to desl with some doozies in the federal government and my daughter deals with it all the time on her job and he worst of the worst.

  6. Agree with all the points Admin brought up. Major change needs to happen. We’ll find out after 2 p.m. on July 27.

    Nicole Spahich?? If it’s the one I did a Yahoo search on this morning I’m not too sure if she’d get my vote.

  7. Nicole Spahich works at the snack shop at NAV

  8. Unless more put their names forward we’ll have the mayor and council ALL acclaimed. That is sad, really sad!!

    July 27 at 2 p.m. is the deadline.

  9. Author

    Hugger I’m sure we’ll see quite a few more step forward.

  10. I certainly hope so. The thought of Murphy as mayor scares me. The thought of Murphy as mayor with 8/10 of council newbies absolutely terrifies me.

  11. What a joke, you thinking of running for Mayor. You don’t have a chance in hell. You are so biased and your articles reflect exactly that. You are not taken seriously by anyone and your CFN is nothing but a rag by an editor that enjoys playing the role of a devil’s advocate. Get a life.

  12. You can be part of the problem or part of the solution. Some here choose to be part of the problem rather than help solve the problems with Cornwall city hall.

  13. Richard ,

    Suggest that you just don’t understand , and I believe that Jamie is quite aware that
    he really doesn’t have any reasonable chance of becoming Mayor of Cornwall .

    Should he make a decision to run it is for one reason and one reason only , and that
    is by running he would be able to enter into debate with the other persons running .

    Have a nice day

  14. Jamie remember what your wacky jules said about running. I am for you running BUT NOT IF IT IS GOING TO AFFECT YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING AND REMEMBER THE EVIL ONES DOWN THERE WHERE IT ISNT REALLY WORTH THE BOTHER. I almost lost hubby literally and he and I spoke about that this morning. Life is mighty precious my friend and give it a damn good though before making any move. You are the best.

  15. Richard Emerton, first off you’ve never seeked political office but i’lo bet that you were prolly a schoolyard bully that got whipped by the smallest kid in the yard. Don’t bully anybody, at least they’ve done things (run for office) that you can’t even dream or pretend to do. You’re flapping your gums and passing wind

  16. At this writing Richard “Dick” Emerton has 4 thumbs up for his musings. He would have added 2 more himself, if they weren’t both so stuck up his… but I digress.

    Anyways, it’s good to know that at least 4 city councillors are reading CFN.

  17. Current count is 2 for mayor and 12 for councilor. I’m not interested in either of the two running for mayor to be our mayor. So, if it comes down to it and no quality candidates step forward I’ll probably have to spoil my mayor ballot.

  18. It just keeps getting better(??) Now Bernadette Clement has thrown her hat in the ring for mayor. At least we’ll get rid of one of the, Clement or Murphy. I don’t see a candidate for mayor I’d vote for. So…………

  19. At least if Bernadette gets in, you’ll know she’s there.
    She’ll be front and centre on Cogeco, offering boring cliches, unsolicited comment, generally just thinking out loud, with a purposeful frown or two, and really, just running out the clock… putting…. colleagues….. and….. viewers…… to…… sleep…….. zzzzzzzzz……… unh?….. onh…… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  20. 3 for mayor, 14 for council. And one of the 14 is a Frost….Keith Frost.

  21. Author

    Ironically according to our ratings, Brock was the 2nd most effective councilor this term. That’s not an endorsement. That’s how bad this horseshoe has been.

  22. Whoever would have thought that Brock Frost would have been the 2nd best councillor in Cornwall. But seeing the group of monkeys that occupy the horseshoe now it isn’t hard to imagine that scenario.

  23. In a community where votes are cast based on popularity, celebrity — even on whether a name has a nice sound to it — running and serving on city council is a waste of good intentions.
    And worse, when the community has an entrenched culture of political corruption — even as the cliques switch and morph — it’s a pointless exercise.
    Hit and run exposes and incisive sniping are our best hope.

  24. “a more inclusive business friendly community”

    Are you suggesting as mayor you would do everything you can to give your CFN business access to city funds for your own personal enrichment program?????????

  25. Author

    No, not sure where you’d get that from?

  26. Where do you get the list of who’s running?

  27. Author

    Here you go Pete.


    Bernadette Clement 613-938-3889
    David Murphy 613-577-4369
    Nicole Spahich 613-935-5003

    Ryan Acheson 613-501-1504
    Carson Andrews 613-363-6801
    Christopher Archambault 613-361-2347
    Todd Bennett 613-661-571-9882
    Kelly Bergeron 613-362-6476
    Carol A. Boileau 613-330-4269
    Patrick Dussault 613-330-8101
    Keith Frost 613-935-6505
    Syd Gardiner 613-932-5524
    Jack Lindsay 613-870-1371
    Heather Megill 613-360-8257
    Mary Jane Proulx
    Gérald E. Samson 613-363-3768
    Justin Towndale

  28. Thanks Jamie, I see many of these are the same old, same old gang that couldn’t keep their seats. They couldn’t do a good enough job to remain last time but they think they could now. Gardiner, Samson, come on, move on guys, Carr, you too, the only way you got back is because of Frosty leaving. Heather, are you running for anything and everything.? It’s time for new faces, not same clowns.

  29. We want NEW ideas, we want people who are in it for the right reasons and not to supplement their income… Right Carr? You were quick to bring up money for next term of council. All council did this past term is increase our taxes. We’ve had enough. It was time to cut management positions which you failed. Managers requiring assistants? If they’d know their job they wouldn’t need assistants.

  30. Now to pick from the evils. I don’t see any in the mayor’s list I’d want as mayor. as for councillor I see at least four that won’t get my vote.

  31. Author

    Pete here’s hoping that better candidates step up by Friday.

  32. From what I see and hear Denis Carr isn’t running this time.

  33. Author

    Our clerk is slow Hugger. Councilor Carr has confirmed he’s running.

  34. Carr is there now, as is Elaine MacDonald. Oh joy!!!! I’m hoping Mark A. MacDonald runs. He’s one of only a few I like.

  35. Come on Diane Shay, Mike O’Neil, Greg Kielig, Jamie Gilcig, Korey Kennedy, we need you all on council. This is a start. Anybody have other names to suggest? I had talked to Bill Laselle about running but he’s not interested

  36. I would also like to see Rob Hickley run for council.

  37. Out of my curiosity I just read a tiny bit about Nicole Spahich and I came away very frightened for Cornwall. Besides Jamie Gilcig I would vote for Mark MacDonald but the rest at the curb. Jamie and Mark are the best there is for Cornwall.

  38. I feel weird when I agree with Jules. But in regard to Nicole Spahich I agree with Jules. What I read does not please me.

    So, a little over two days until nominations close.

    We need Diane Shay, Mike O’Neil, Greg Kielig, Jamie Gilcig, Korey Kennedy and Rob Hickley to step up. There are only one or two on the current council I would vote for.

  39. OMG this is one of the very few times that I do agree with Hugger. Where did I put my box of gold stars to put on the wall. Honestly Hugger said the truth and we need Diane Shay along with the others that he named. I looked up Nicole Spahich yesterday and I remember seeing her name before and wondered who she was and I was in shock – no way José what a mjstake that would be.

  40. Jamie you know that Hugger and I get into some awful snags at time and he is a good person – oh God did I say that. I misplaced my box of gold stars to put on the wall when I agree with Hugger but we both agree and one is for you to run (AS LONG AS YOU ARE IN GOOD HEALTH) AND YOU WOULD MAKE A VERY GOOD MAYOR.

  41. Hugger1 and Jules, those are the names that I declared several weeks ago as my dream team. Elect them as a team. We need change instead of the old recycled garbage that we have now.

  42. Author

    Pete the clique and city hall mafia actually are running a slate. Alex De Wit? Really? Kelly Bergeron’s salary is already paid by taxpayers. How can she even run? Is she the loophole replacement for Carilyne Hebert? It’s an ugly stench from this group so far. Here’s to hoping some good candidates step up before the end of Friday.

  43. The count is now 3 for mayor and 20 for council. Of the 3 for mayor I see none of them as a good leader of council. Hopefully someone will step up who can be mayor. Of the 20 there are 5 retread monkeys from the current council I’d rather not see return to council. Then there are 3 others for various reasons I’d rather not see be elected for the first time. So that leaves me 12 to pick 10 from.

  44. Author

    I think you’re being pretty generous there Hugger. If this is the best Cornwall can deliver for leadership we’re in an awful lot of trouble.

  45. I agree Jamie . But if quality candidates don’t step up………………….

  46. Author

    That is the cancer of this community. It’s self hating and people seem to have given up. For the first time since I’ve lived here in 2004 I’m actually starting to see Seniors leaving or planning on leaving.

  47. Sad, but true unfortunately.

    But candidates do have until tomorrow at 2 p.m. Hopefully someone with value, etc. will step forward to, hopefully, lead this community. We’ve had enough of the clique and city hall mafia.


  48. Cornwall has been run into a deep hole by the Mafia clique and all that has to change. I cannot stand Caroline Hébert at all. I am sick today and I thought that I was going to be sick just now at the mention of that name. Honestly folks things have to change drastically in Cornwall for any hope of survival. That gang just now as mayor and council is a complete and utter failure.

  49. It would be nice to see JG for councillor… the longest journey begins with the first step.

  50. Author

    Simon due to corruption I have decided not to run for any public office in Cornwall in 2018. Maybe next election if voters get fed up with unchecked tax increases and corruption.

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