Cornwall Pole Fitness Queen Shannon Champagne Gets Honoured in Toronto 080118

Cornwall Ontario –  Shannon Champagne of  A Lil’Pole Fitness in Cornwall Ontario was asked to be a Master Trainer for the Canadian Pole Fitness Association.    It means that she will be 1 out of 4 Master Trainers in all of Canada.

She heads to Toronto to be officially certified as a Master Trainer in August putting Cornwall on the National map for a craze that’s grown hugely over the last few years, and that she’s been a leader of.

We had the opportunity to talk to her about her achievements and what she does at her studio at 8 2nd Street West.


So what attracted you to Pole Fitness?


Pole Fitness has always been inspiring to watch! I’ve always loved the circus and gymnastics. When I tried it over 10 years ago in Ottawa, I couldn’t believe how much strength I gained and how much I toned up.

Pole Fitness is for all sizes and for all ages. We always get asked “Am I to big to do this?” The answer is No! We also offer a Curvy Pole class for people who are a bit timid to try a regular class but everyone that comes to a Curvy Pole class goes straight to regular pole classes right after because they can see how it is not judgemental, it’s fun, and they start doing moves that they didn’t think their body was capable of doing!

It’s an amazing confidence builder! We also offer workshops for teens because in this day in age, teenagers need to build their self esteem and confidence all while in a safe and positive environment!


Is it for everyone?   Can Seniors do it too?


We had a group of 60 year old ladies that were attending classes for years. Class is designed around you! It’s about how to get you feeling strong, helping you meet goals, not if you meet the goals of class. We work with everyone and their physical capabilities.


What is in your future? Will you take your Pole Fitness skills out of Cornwall?


Pole Fitness is ever growing and they are looking to add it into the Olympics! Pole Fitness has been a huge success in Cornwall. We even get people who travel from Montreal, Ottawa, Morrisburg, you name it. When you know how much these classes benefit you, they come!

I will be traveling definitely! But A Lil’Pole Fitness will stay in Cornwall. I started off this company by myself and now we are 3 instructors. We all have different strengths and styles! Lindsay Diehl and Tracy Gordon are both incredibly Amazing! I could not do this without them and they became sisters to me. Both started off as students and became fully certified to teach! They are both fun, professional, and encouraging!


It is definitely not easy when you are a mom but you need to take that time for yourself. I have 2 beautiful boys and when I come home from Class, I feel good and refreshed, and it makes me a better mom! Being able to move and play with my kids, having a positive outlook, confidence, showing my children that exercise and movement is important, I say that’s a Mom win!

We offer classes as such: -Pole Fitness -Lyra -Mighty Abs -Booty Builder -Stretch -Baby Belly Be Gone -And we also have a Baby Belly Fitness Program that will be online program online that you can do from home, coming soon


Represent and lead the Canadian Pole Fitness community by defining and promoting standards for training, safety, equipment, terminology, and technical specifications to unite and empower Pole Fitness studio owners, professionals, and enthusiasts everywhere across Canada in celebrating the sport of Pole Fitness as a tasteful, and athletic art.


There are four supporting vision statements that define how the Canadian Pole Fitness Association will deliver value to the industry:

1. Be the recognized authority and trusted advisory board on Pole Fitness to Canadian studios, professionals, enthusiasts, media, and others nationally.

2. Be a facilitator for the development of all industry related standards, including terminology, training, certification requirements, progression of training, etc.

3. Indicate to the Canadian Pole Fitness community that a studio with our certified affiliation means you are qualified to deliver sound value to your customers in all areas of pole fitness, including safety, training, ethics, facilities/equipment specifications and business management.

4. Unite Canadian Pole Fitness studios, professionals, and enthusiasts worldwide to market, network, educate, train safely, and learn from one another to nurture the profession, create a unified community and promote our athletic art.

The CPFA has been certifying instructors for over 9 years and courses are accredited by canfitpro, the leaders in fitness and the largest provider of education in the Canadian fitness industry.

With the pole and aerial world growing every year, we now require national Master Trainers to help provide better service across Canada. There are only 4 Master Trainers nation wide and they each have been selected for their expertise, experience and dedication to the art of pole.

To learn more or talk with Shannon you can check out her facebook page or dial (613) 577-1900

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