Do you want to build a snowman?

From seemingly out of nowhere, MC Frosty has been rolling through 2018, much like a child’s early stages towards constructing a man made of flakes.

It has been a year of steady growth, all starting with what was intended as an act of musical troll warfare, against a former ambient-alternative band, in which an ongoing intellectual property dispute had been freezing over. January was bitter cold this year, hearing the release of Frosty’s concept diss EP, “D-Composed” (LINK), with a track inspired by each member of the previous instrumental lineup he belonged to, and the 1st of five albums released in 2018.

In addition to a steady output of self-produced audio, MC Frosty has become a mild internet phenomenon, garnering over 30,000 organic Facebook video views in 2018, and a daily growing view count on YouTube.

After recently reaching a milestone of 1000 audio streams in 1 day, the first single of the year, January’s “I Like Meth” (, currently sits at #2 on Choon’s ( weekly Top Tracks chart, a streaming platform hosting 7000+ artists.

As you can you tell by the hit single’s title, MC Frosty is for mature audiences.

Self-described as an “entertainer” performing “alternative rap music” with thematic elements involving “comedy, conspiracy, trolling, drugs and my dick.” His DIY approach, and frequent-content strategy, has resulted in 26 original songs being produced/released in 2018, along with 4 videos for his singles, and 4 lyric videos – on a near $0 budget (he bought a $4 pack of hotdogs to chop/eat/cook in the “Dick Pics (#MeToo)” video).

Equally important as improving his audio production game, his trolling game has also been on the rise. Producing numerous tracks within 24 hours of a social media mass debate, and lately, releasing a diss track entitled “#guylauzonisgreat” ( inspired by the SD&sG member of parliament.

MC Frosty has far from been working alone. He has been seeking out and collaborating with other local artists (OneRyt, Lyrical Line, Fat Addict, Icemokalot) in development of the #RuinLifeCrew label and clique, while also affiliating with LeeRx of Happy Pill Productions.

Catch all of the aforementioned acts, along with longtime local rapper, Teknikal @ La Maison on September 8th for The MC Frosty Show w/ LeeRx & Teknikal ( MC Frosty will also hop on the guitar to perform a bunch of his songs with local live band, Grungebot, backing him, making this a unique multi-genre performance, and show overall. See the FB event page for ticket availability.

The best places online to hear, see, follow MC Frosty are:
Facebook – (Social Media)
Choon – (Streaming Audio)
YouTube – (Video)
bandcamp – (Purchase digital downloads)

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