Con MP Guy Lauzon Canada Day Scandal – Will Cornwall Police & Crown Charge Over Conspiratorial Fraud by Jamie Gilcig

Cornwall Ontario –   With the release of an unauthored letter that was sent to council and complaints from the City of Cornwall Canada Committee member of no audited(or unaudited)  numbers being shared,  as well as not being invited to committee meetings announced with little to no notice,  questions are mounting whether the corruption surrounding the CCPS and local crowns will lead to an investigation and charges or cover up the allegations which include (but not limited to):

Monies given for services to Lauzon family and friends

Influence peddling, and most serious of all, funds contributed for Canada Day being used to host non Canada Day activities.

Those involved would be Lauzon, Mrs Lauzon, MP Lauzon’s EA Adrian Bugelli, Amanda Brisson, Dave Runions, Glen Grant, John Baxtrom, Lucy Hart, Terry Muir, Lorne Taillon, Johanna Murray,and others.

The committee extorts canvasses local businesses for support including asking each council member to kick in $500 each yearly!

Sources connected to the CCPS leaked to CFN that a complaint was filed with them, but it’s hush hush.    The CCPS has not responded to CFN as of press time.

Emails were sent out by this newspaper, but we are now getting info in from multiple sources including the anonymous letter sent to council.

MP Lauzon’s executive assistant Adrian Bugelli gave a firm “NO COMMENT” to our telephone call to his office this morning.

If you have information you’d like to share, publicly or confidentially you can email or dial our hotline at 855 444 1133.

We will be updating this story as more information becomes available.

The poorly attended Canada Day event saw this year’s biggest complaints were the lame fireworks with one person saying they lasted less than ten minutes and citing how Morrisburg had a way better event, as well as vendor issues.

The City of Cornwall has confirmed that monies tendered by it to the committee are issued to Lauzon’s MP’s office.

Likewise, he uses his MP official email for the committee instead of a personal one.

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Cornwall City Councilor and representative from the city on the committee Mark A MacDonald sent in the following statement for publication.

Being held accountable when it comes to using public funds should always be an issue and, as the Council representative on the Canada Committee Committee there is a deep concern regarding accountability and governance  issues.
Personally it’s been very stressful trying to get information from ‎some Committee members. 
Like any other legitimate organization there should be an Annual General Meeting with audited financial statements and a proper election of officers. 
The public deserves to know if the money raised for Canada Day events was used in the proper manner.  At this point, I don’t know if all the money was spent appropriately. There needs to be a complete audit of the Canada Day Committee books. 
There needs to be a proper process for allowing people to serve on the Committee. Several people have volunteered for the Committee and are willing to step forward providing things are done according to the regulations. 



  1. Mark,

    Yes, you are right, you don’t know what or if anything inappropriate happened on the Canada Day committee. Frances Lauzon is on that committee and although I don’t believe she would be involved in any inappropriate use of funds I will wait for an investigation to comment.

    Diane Shay

  2. Author

    Diane I do believe Mrs. Lauzon left the committee awhile ago due to her health issues (which we wish her the best on).

  3. Acording to that letter there has been issues for years and she has not been gone for years.

    Diane Shay

  4. Author

    True Diane.

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