Cornwall Ontario – The Cornwall Community Police Service reported an increase from 71 to 91 Sexual Assault charges that were laid in Cornwall in from 2016 to 2017.

You can’t blame a lack of resources.    The CCPS cost per capita is nearly on par with Toronto and nearly 3 times the cost of the SD&G OPP.

Cornwall has had a historic issue with Sexual Assault so the question becomes why, with so many tax dollars in their budget can the CCPS not get a grip on this issue?  One sexual assault support group was reported to be hiring new councilors and possibly having a waiting list for those it serves.

Is it poor training?  Is it really bad communications, especially for example, when they refuse to disclose daily crime numbers in a more transparent fashion as say the Kingston Police Service does?

Is it simply the ignorant bully culture that is seemingly so predominant in Cornwall?

Is it because there aren’t enough female officers on the force?  The CCPS has one of the lowest gender balance scores in the province for policing.

Is it a top heavy brass of “old school” cowboys (and a few cowgirls) who play politics over policing?

How can a police service have so much money pumped into it and get such weak and impotent results?

Is it time to ask the OPP to cost service for Cornwall?    Is it really a crime to even have that discussion,  and why is it that council seems so afraid to initiate it?  With the weak soup that was elected with Bernadette Clement as Mayor we probably won’t see any action until the next election.

Will be having this discussion yet again in 2022?

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  1. This city unfortunately reeks of this sort of thing from top to bottom, and it is mostly tolerated and rarely if ever reported in my experience. It us a sad situation for what can be a great city. All i can do is bring my kids up with the correct morals and move from there. Anyone abusing power to get cheap thrills and denigrate others will be weeded out sooner or later…you know who you are.

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