Cornwall Francophone Mayor & Lawyer In the Closet Over Ford French Uni & Service Cuts by Jamie Gilcig 112618

Cornwall Ontario –  While many Francophones are upset at Ontario Premier Doug Ford over the plan not to move forward with a Toronto based French University and other changes to how the province handles some French services, one prominent name is missing;  Francophone Cornwall Mayor and Lawyer Bernadette Clement.

Was she asleep in a closet or simply ducking the contentious issue?  Clement ran as a Liberal for the MP ticket so surely it’s not a partisan issue to voice herself?  Hiding seemed to be her biggest tactic in both landslide losses as MP and she has a history of ducking major municipal issues in Cornwall.

Renegade Conservative MPP Amanda Simard  from nearby Glengarry Prescott Russell put together a list of 110 jurists protesting changes from all over the province, but not a single signature from Cornwall which has one of the largest francophone populations in the province.

There are even rumbles that Ms Simard may cross the floor and give the Liberals party status over the issue.

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  1. That is the difference, one has a vision for the people, the other has a vision for themself. Art gallery comes to mind.

  2. I think silence can be construed as approval. Caroline Mulroney is a pretty good example of that.

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