Methinks Amanda Simard Protests Too Much – To Sit as Independent by Jamie Gilcig 112918

Cornwall Ontario –  All governments cannot be all things to all people.  Amanda Simard, a new MPP in Glengarry Prescott Russell who has some experience as a municipal councilor and was a Senate  page clearly either doesn’t understand politics or is playing amateur hissyfit politics.

She is the first Conservative MPP in the riding since it was created in the 90’s.

She has parlayed her riding win into a plum gig working with AG Caroline Mulroney which for a rookie is pretty huge, but now she’s going to sit as an Independent over cuts to a campaign promised Francophone University in Toronto.  A promise made not by her party, but by a desperate Kathleen Wynne.

Clearly she knew or should’ve known her party’s stance when taking the nom.   Surely she knew that the Ford Government would be looking to tackle the huge deficits left over from 15 years of disastrous Liberal spending?

Did ‘Manda think that Francophone organizations or political envelopes would be exempt in Ontario?    Was she really under that much pressure in a riding that really wasn’t impacted by a Toronto University that had been a campaign promise not being funded?   Did the MPP’s of the other 3 non Francophone Universities impacted by cuts resign or walk the floor?

It’s sad and poor drama on her part and her handlers.    It’s also divisive and clearly she is not a party or team member.   It’s one thing to take a stand and leverage some love as she did from Premier Ford, but quite another to do what she’s now down which could hurt the riding as it’s no longer represented by someone who’s a member of the governing party.

Ms Simard has not responded to our emails to date.

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  1. Oh man, this member’s makeup’s more perfect than an Air Emirates Stewardess (in no way meaning to disparage the stewards, I’m sure they’re hotter’n a Giorgio Armani boy toy), and in no way is this meant to disparage any gender, sex or taxonomic order that politcians occupy.

    But for whatever reason — deserting a{MODERATED}political party, that is led by a Useful Idiot of Bay Street — Kudos!!

  2. There should be a by-election called. She left the party she was a member for. The voters did not elect an independent. It’s pretty simple.

  3. Author

    I think she’s burned her bridge with the Conservatives. Maybe she’s hoping to run for the Liberals Federally or Provincially?

  4. If I were any party I wouldn’t touch her. She’s jumped ship once, she could do it again. When you sign on as a candidate you agree with their policies. You don’t get to choose which policies you agree or disagree with. That’s how party politics works.

  5. Author

    I’m sure she’ll make a happy Liberal 🙂

  6. One should always be suspicious of anyone with hair that’s more interesting than they are; for example Canada’s current spokesmodel …Trudeau the Younger.

    But giving our newly minted independent MPP the benefit of the doubt, it may be the first sign of an oubreak of principles at Queen’s Park, or simply be mindful of being judged by the company one keeps; in which case, wise move.

  7. Author

    Simon it was amateur politics that cost her an important role to represent the very people she wants to represent in the governing party.

    That’s called an epic failure.

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