Leafs Take 1st Place in Gilcig Win Efficiency Tool! Nov 29, 2018

Cornwall Ontario –  This is our third installment of my NHL Win Efficiency tool!

Toronto edged past Nashville to enter first place in our 3rd installment of our Win Efficiency Tool!

LINK #1   LINK #2

There have been some surges and action since link 2! 4 of the 8 Top Eight entered this week while 5 of the worst still are the worst!

Without further adieu here’s the TOP EIGHT list for November 29th, 2018!

Toronto 16.32

Nashville 14.96

Tampa Bay 14.96  

Colorado 12.76

Buffalo 7.48 * 

Calgary 6.96* 

Minnesota 6.38 *

NY Islanders 7.32 

Winnipeg 6.16 *

and the worst 8

LA -8.14

Chicago -7.92

Vancouver -7.20 *

Anaheim -6.72*

Ottawa -7.2

Phi -5.74

Columbus -5.0

Edmonton -4.95 *

I’ve always felt that for a stat to be productive the general rule is that given over a large body of data a positive result would be better than a negative one.   A team’s goal differential is a very important number.  Puck luck is always a factor, but the larger the body of data the less puck luck should impact a result.

Yes, you can use fancy graphs and charts that look really cool if you’ve had more than two mushrooms, but at the end of the day there’s always something that could be said for simplicity.

What also was really interesting was the over all divisional numbers.  The Atlantic did a double digit surge to 26.12 overall while the Pacific continues to stink out the joint with the exception of Calgary.

Central 21.42

Atlantic 26.12

Metropolitan -3.68

Pacific -42.99


You can have the greatest goalie get a shutout, but in Hockey you still need to score at least one goal more than the other team to win.   Goal differential is an undervalued team stat, and in many cases misunderstood.

* entering the chart.

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