View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Time for a Christmas Truce 122418

One would be hard pressed to find any politicians or their staff showing any Christmas spirit on either Twitter or Facebook these days. The animosity continues to reach new heights every day as political partisans of all stripes continue their attacks on each other.

One of the biggest changes that I have observed over the last decade or so is how personnel the attacks have become. Back on March 15, 2012, I wrote in the National Post the following:

There is no doubt that the way politics is practiced now is much different than it was in the past. Today it is meaner and nastier, and you are either on side and “right” or opposed and “wrong”. You are my brother or my enemy. There is no room for compromise and no middle ground exists.

Ignatieff commented that “We’ve blurred opponent with enemy.” That is a fairly accurate comment. Today it is winner take all, not just during an election, but every single day. Whether it is Question Period, committee work or even rebuttals in speeches, no quarter is given. Today it is all out war between political opponents.” (National Post, March 15, 2012)

Unfortunately, every party is guilty of the above practices, aided of course by the new platforms such as Twitter where you can remain anonymous, hide behind your computer screen and make vicious attacks on people that you view as “your enemy”.

The reality is people enter politics to make a difference. They may have different ideas about how to improve this country but, they are just as sincere in what they do, work on and say as your own side.

Like the Christmas Truce in World War One when combatants laid down their arms and enjoyed each other’s company, let’s see some Christmas spirit from our federal and provincial politicians and their followers. For the next few days at least, politicians and partisans showing some Christmas spirit would be appreciated. There will be plenty of time for the nastiness to resume when the calendar flips over to 2019.

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