Seniors Situation Room by Dawn Ford – Ice Cream @Cornwall Square, Art & a Tiger Tale! 012119

We lost the Brookdale Mall some years ago. I loved the Miss Cornwall Restaurant and it was also handy to have a movie theatre in the same mall. Recently we lost the Eastcourt Mall which was another nice mall but, like the Brookdale Mall area, there are still lots of nice stores there which people are still enjoying.

However, I am hoping that we won’t lose the Cornwall Square. It even has indoor parking and when the weather is bad, it is nice to just get out of your car and into the mall easily. There are wonderful stores and now Shoppers Drug Mart have put in a few groceries for our convenience and the Dollar Store also has some grocery items. I guess we still need a grocery store in there to complete the variety shoppers would want. If we walk around the mall we get some good exercise as well as getting our shopping done.

One store I frequent, of course, being a “chocolate-holic” is the Laura Secord Store. Whenever Carmen, one of the salesladies, sees me, she gets out the scoop, knowing that whatever I buy, it will include a Laura’s Chocolate ice cream cone. All the sales clerks in that store are really nice, friendly and helpful.

Here is a photo of Shirley, another nice saleslady in the store with Carmen holding my cone, all ready for me.:

Then, with my cone, I can sit on one of the benches and watch the kids go by who, seeing my cone, start pointing and yapping to their Mom that they want one too. Can’t blame them. So delicious. A real treat!!

Whenever we were little kids, if we went to a birthday party at someone’s house we usually played, “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”. The birthday kid’s Mom would have the donkey picture up somewhere. Then, she would put a blindfold on one of us, turn you around three times and with tail in hand, you reached out to pin the tail somewhere where a tail should be. Whoever got the closest tail to the donkey’s back side, got a prize. I can’t imagine doing that today. Turn me around three times blindfolded or not, I would, if I was still able to stand up, probably put it on his nose.

Then as teens at house parties we would play “Spin the Bottle”. We would sit in a circle, boy-girl, boy-girl and someone would spin the bottle. If a girl did it she would kiss the guy the bottle pointed to. Imagine!! No, I can’t but we played it a lot. Good way to get a cold or the flu, I bet!! At the time , we thought it was fun.

Ah, those were the days!!

Every once in awhile I get a cataloque in the mail titled: “”. It lists all kinds of aids to help people who have mobility problems of many types. Shown in the catalogue are wheeled walkers, creams, Nordic Walking Poles, shoe-er aids and bath safety bars, BellaVita Auto Bath Lifter,bed rail and many other aids. There is even a No Spill Large Ice Tray. Bet that would be handy for anyone.

Got to or call 1-800-520-3259 for information and a catalogue.

From the CGH newletter, “The General Alert”, January 1972, Vol. 4, No.1 , is an article about a new service, Home Care:

Brenda Connelly , a very talented local artist, has painted another lovely scene.

She said that one day, while walking by our St. Lawrence River, she felt very fortunate to be so near the water and have paths to walk along.

She was enjoying the air and all of nature around her. There were boats in the river, blue colours of the sky and water and so many contrasting colours of nature. She took some pictures to paint what she had seen that day and to share a perfect picture of nature.

Thanks so much , Brenda, for sharing all this beauty with us so we can enjoy the lovely abundance of nature you have captured in your painting.

Photo courtesy of Ray Chambers

I thought I had Tiger cured of staying on the bed when I was changing it. I made the mistake of taking him out of the room and turned my back for a few minutes. I found him back on the bed and he refused to get off the old pink sheets even though I had the new blue sheet almost over him. Look at the face on him! Would stop a train!!! What a cat!!

His latest thing is sleeping on my housecoat at the end of the bed. I left it there one day, doing other things and when I came back, he was all curled up on it, sound asleep. I decided to see what he would do if I just left it there for a few days.Sure enough!! It is his” bed of choice” at the moment. Big baby!!

This cute poster was sent in by a reader. It was found on a church in France..(tranlated):

“When you enter this church it may be possible that you hear “the call of God”.

However , it is unlikely that He will call you on your moblile. Thank you for turning off your phones. If you want to talk to God, enter, choose a quiet place and talk to Him.

If you want to see Him, send Him a text while you are driving.”

Have a good week, Dawn


  1. Dawn here in Ottawa malls are coming down since it is very costly to keep them open and we all wish that they would stay up but all coming down. The dump of a mall Heron Gate near us has come down some years ago and all full of drug needles in the washrooms, etc. I do miss all the stores that were there but it was a real dump and many more to come down. We live a bit further easterly from there

  2. OMG! I just read Dawns article again and 3 malls closed in Cornwall that is dreadful for such a small town. I read where 18 stores were closed in Cornwall but this is a shocker. The corporations that own the balls everywhere want individual stores since malls cost a lot of money to keep up. Each store owner would be responsible for their own upkeep like electricity, heat, taxes, etc. etc. etc.

  3. Jules: Nice to hear from you.
    The Cornwall Square is not closing. I was just hoping, since there are new owners, that it will still be an inside mall.

  4. Dawn I used to like going to Cornwall Square when we lived down there and found it to be the best among all of them. I sure do hope that it stays open. You never know when I go and pop down there and it has been a number of years since my husband became quite ill. I was telling Jamie that hubby had a deadly kind of pneumonia and sepsis. We haven’t gone anywhere after that happened.

  5. What I am also shocked about are the cost of ordinary rents as well as the cost of homes down in Cornwall where there are very few jobs to be found and most people who live down there are elderly and to try and afford such costs is unbelievable. We were lucky to live here for 16 years to keep the cost down as much as we could here in Ottawa. Rents differ from area to area in Ottawa.

  6. Dawn during my absence I always thought about you as well as our Tiger. I love animals very much. My arthritis is acting up terribly in this weather and I went back to bed for a while so as to put on some heat. Speaking about heat I am going to turn on the little heater next to me since the apartment is quite cool. Hubby has the one on in the living room. It is cool in here.

  7. Jules: I hear that many people are having arthritic problems in this weather. So damp .Keep warm. Hope you feel better soon. Tiger and I are fine – thank you. He is all cuddled up on my housecoat these days. Have to give him another one so I can wash this one. lol

  8. Dawn I love animals very much and when hubby went to make a new set of dentures the denturologist who has a dog asked hubby if I love animals and hubby replied SHE SURE DOES LOVE ANIMALS. I was able to play for a while with his dog. His brother who is a technician there brought in his little dog as well. Two good play mates.

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