Cornwall Doesn’t Pay Respect on International Holocaust Memorial Day by Jamie Gilcig 012819

Cornwall is a city where its sitting MPP, Jim McDonnell caused publicity by at the time comparing the Premier of the province to Nazi’s.

There was a vibrant Jewish community in Cornwall, but most have left. Cornwall’s culture besides being a bully culture by nature, can be very intolerant.

And yet when we elect a visible minority, even an allegedly closeted one as mayor, one would expect that diversity respect back?

As someone of Jewish heritage it feels odd seeing Mayor Bernadette Clement jump into a Martin Luther King tribute in Ottawa while there is nary a word in the City’s website or social media pages on International Holocaust Memorial Day.

There were other posts on the City’s social media, so one can’t blame the weekend.

This is a community whose first mayor Horowitz, was Jewish and key to part of some very powerful and successful times in Cornwall.

Toronto’s famous Nathan Phillips was from Cornwall, but no plaque rests on his former family home.

And the Standard Freeholder’s faith column just might have had a guest writer talk about the day rather than another religion.

If we don’t include all and remember all what do we end up with.

As someone that lost so many of my own family to the holocaust I find it sad living in a community that has such disrespect for not just the victims, but for those that contributed so much to what made Cornwall very special during the those decades it must feel very sad for the descendants even if they don’t live here.

And you can’t truly respect diversity if you don’t respect diversity and not just the fringes you might belong to.

But more importantly, the lessons learned through the history of what happened during those terrible years has lessons that would be crucial to making Cornwall a better community.


  1. it is very sad

  2. This is very sad. But it would be worse if disingenuous

  3. Author

    We’ve also offered the city heavily discounted Hanukkah and Passover greeting ads which they refuse. If you want people to move to Cornwall or grow your community it’s important to make everyone feel welcome.

  4. Some of the very best people in Cornwall were the Jewish people and my parents knew them all. We purchased the best shoes, clothes and everything from the Nymans and many others and they all left for Toronto and elsewhere. Cornwall became a place of shame afterwards. Good people left town including ourselves and never to return to a place with such a terrible reputation and no life.

  5. Just admit it… miss Cornwall!!!pdaR6

  6. Hugger if we lived in Cornwall hubby might have died. Today he is very skinny like someone who is recouperating after a mighty serious illness like heart. Well when he had that serious bout of pneumonia with sepsis he looks like the way my supervisor was with heart problems – mighty skinny. We live not too far from the Ottawa General Hospital where he was placed for 2 weeks.

  7. All of you should have seen my husband way back when who entered Mr. Nymans Shoe Store with me and shook Mr. Nymans hand. Hubby purchased some shoes from Mr. Nyman way back when and they were the best quality. The Nymans left for Toronto and none are around in Cornwall. History along with all subjects are lacking in schools today. If you don’t know history you are bound to repeat it.

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