Kevin Lalonde Out in South Glengarry – More Change – Still no CAO 020619

The Director – Development, Chief Building Official of South Glengarry had been under a lot of heat. After CAO Bryan Brown was terminated many wondered why Lalonde wasn’t terminated at the same time.

No details have come out of the township. No statement has been issued, but the township by phone confirmed that Mr. Lalonde was no longer employed after it was reported to CFN that Monday was his last day.

We will update as more info becomes available.


  1. Who’s next ……. in South Glengarry

  2. The two-faced — nothing left in his life but backwater politics — mayor should be kicked to the curb at the first opportunity.

  3. The fire chief he does nothing he overpaid and causes a lot of issues

  4. Kevin Lalonde was brutal! I had contractors that didn’t want to come and do work at my house because they didn’t want to deal with him! Good Riddance!

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