Clement Council Waste Plan We be an Expensive Disaster by Jamie Gilcig 030819

Clement Council Waste Plan We be an Expensive Disaster by Jamie Gilcig 030819

Ugh snowflakes. Listening to Carolyne Hebert frankly gives me gas. Sadly, we get the government we collectively deserve and a rigged pro labour election has seen her and other snowflakes rubber stamp management budgets and plan.

Starting April it appears that we will have a six bag limit in Cornwall per house for Garbage. And those with heavy items will have to pay to have them removed.

This in a city with an average income level that is already nearly the lowest in the province due to so many on fixed incomes.

People on fixed incomes don’t have money for extra garbage bag tags or to call in a company to take away old mattresses. Can you just imagine over crammed dollar store bags bursting and flowing down streets across our town?

In parts of Cornwall we will see garbage strewn and dumped en masse. Who will be on the hook for that clean up?

Does it make sense for city managers who don’t even live in Cornwall to come up with these utterly unrealistic plans? Does it make sense for imbecilic snowflake like Carolyne Hebert to support such nonsense? (Apparently she wants a two bag limit)

This kumba ya ra ra might work in parts of Riverdale, but does anyone really think it will in what’s derogatorily called the “French Harlem” area of Cornwall?

Do seniors on pensions who barely can afford their necessities be expected to pay excessive fees to haul away old chairs and mattresses?

Does anyone think the Sally Ann or Habitat for Humanity are going to spend money to essentially pick up junk?

What about those that live in a duplex where one tenant happily puts out their 3 bags, but their creepy, disgusting, chain smoking, messed up offspring like to put out eight and a dead cat?

Will the city go after tenants or building owners?

At the end of the day strong leadership should realize the realities of their communities.

Cornwall is a senior heavy town, with a large chunk of the community under employed or on disability. It is not progressive as much as the Pink Mafia would like it to be. It simply is a waste of taxpayers money to try and force it on those that have enough to worry about just surviving.

At the end of the day there are other options for waste that the city should consider and honestly how will we attract people to Cornwall if we copy other communities that have actual reasons to attract people?

Right now we have high taxes, poor services, no culture, really bad roads, horrible government, and corrupt police and city government; most of whom don’t even live in Cornwall because even they don’t want to deal with our issues.

Taking away some of the few less stressful things like being able to put out one’s garbage shouldn’t be a focus. Sadly, this is what it seems Bernadette Clement and her council are focused on. Getting headlines and being mediocre and messed up.

If that’s really their goal so far it seems to be working.

Editor’s Note: For those of you with really weak reading comprehension skills, this is an editorial. That means it’s an opinion piece which is actually quite different than a news piece.

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