United Way Clique Politics Lead to Demise of Bereaved Families Office in Cornwall by Jamie Gilcig 032719

Ugh, what a horrible and sad story to write.

Death is something that shatters so many lives. It’s part of life. None of us escape it. Sadly one of the few services in Cornwall and SD&G announced that it’s shutting down barring an angel of support after its latest fundraiser drew few donors.

IN another media story the group claims that they appealed all over, but the group took it’s notes from the United Way who because of the politics it plays has led to failed funding targets, then cancelling of funding targets, and as we’re seeing now, less money to go around.

The United Way boycotts this newspaper as did Bereaved Families.

Instead of truly working together as a community their board members put petty politics over their missions.

Frankly all should resign, and not be on any public service boards.

Some people just don’t get it. It’s ok to be a total dink when you run your own business or service, but when dealing with volunteers, the public, and community, the mission always has to come first.

And this is community where City Hall and the SD&G Counties are spending more cash on an utter farce of a course at NAV CAN which will most likely be terminated shortly, one that couldn’t even fill out it’s available seats even though the course was free and actually helped out of town students with a living allowance. And an organization that just put a Cornwall City Councilor in charge instead of posting an ad for the positions availability.

Those dollars utterly wasted due to political corruption, could have saved this organization and service for two years.

It’s the Circle Jerk of politics and power via pennies in Cornwall and SD&G.

And it only leads to loss for the community.

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