Rare TRUMPETER SWANS Photographed by Calvin Hanson in South Stormont 052219

Calvin Hanson has been a busy man as he’s captured some very rare and hard to find birds in our area.

Today’s feature are Trumpeter Swans LINK

It’s the heaviest living bird native to North America.

Mr. Hanson shot these in the Lunenburg area.

Three rare Trumpeter Swans that were swimming in the pond at the corner of Wales Road and Eaman Road in Lunenburg, Ontario.  When I say rare, they are categorized rare in this area by “eBird”.

Trumpeter Swans are different than other swans because they have a very large heavy long all-black bill, with the base of the bill forming a “V’ shape on the forehead.  They were quite vocal with a very deep, nasal call.

Trumpeter Swans are comparable in size to the Mute Swans that we’ve been seeing at Farran Park and Ault island that have orange bills and a black knob on the top of their bill.

Wow, this sure has been two weeks for rare birds coming to South Stormont township!

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