Seniors Situation Room by Dawn Ford JUNE is Senior’s Month! 060319

Seniors  Situation Room by Dawn Ford JUNE is Senior’s Month! 060319

June is Seniors
Month. We have many wonderful seniors in Cornwall who give so much
of their time to help our community. We are very grateful to them.

When I was at my Tai
Chi lesson at the Seaway Seniors Citizens Centre I picked up their
newsletter which is very informative. The club is adding a new
Colouring activity on Tuesdays at 1pm in the Birch Room and also Free
Style Dancing in the main room every Thursday at 1pm. They also will
have jamming sessions with the Free Style Dancing on Thursdays. The
club already has an incredible list of activities which include Tai
Chi ,Guitar practice, Yoga, Choral, Darts, Canasta, exercise classes,
Mahjongg, Bid euchre, and many other activities.

The newsletter
states that the Bingo games are a major source of income for the
centre raising $18,000 annually for the club. Volunteers are needed
to help with the bingo games which are held every second week at the
Cornwall Bingo Center, 26 Second Street West. Sundays the card
sales start at 12:15 pm and Mondays at 5:15 pm. Please call the club
and speak with Loretta at 613-932-4969 to help with this fundraiser.

One lovely senior had a birthday recently.

Edna Dorey celebrated her 103 rd. birthday.

She is very active and a wonderful lady.

Happy belated birthday Edna.

There is a report that Finland is the happiest country in the world.

I went on line to
see who was next and according to a report of 2019 by the United
Nations here is the list:

1) Finland

2) Denmark

3) Norway

4) Iceland,

5) The Netherlands

6) Switzerland

7) Sweden

8) New Zealand


10) Austria.

Canada just made
the list, thank heavens!!

I love this
delightful photo of the late Stu Thompson’s of a friendly little busy
bee visiting a beautiful flower for lunch. Stu was a well know local
photographer and took so many wonderful pictures of nature and, as
you can see from this lovely photo, was very good at it:

Good thing I am such
a pack-rat. I found this first brochure of Mount Carmel House
Treatment Center, possibly made around 1979/80, which was issued as
a fundraiser for financial support to renovate the Bishop’s House in
St Raphael’s, ON. before the center opened in 1981.

There were comments
on the outside cover of encouragement for the center to open from
Earl Landry, Chief of Police, E.N. Alguire, Domtar Fine Papers, D.S.
Underwood, Pellon Chemotextiles, Inc., and R. Sutherland, Health and
Safety Coordinator, Dominion Textiles, Inc., Long Sault Fabrics

The center was
opened in July of 1981 and closed in June of 1996. Many lives were

The Bishop’s House
is now owned by the Glengarry Fencibles Trust which is a group of
very dedicated volunteers who are fundraising to renovate the

A lot of very
beautiful work has already been done and more is in progress. For
information or to make a donation , please contact: Brenda Baxter,
President at 613-931-2022 or Allan Macdonell at 613-525-5410 .

My celery sniffing
cat Tiger surprised me!! I have mentioned before about him zooming
into the kitchen when he hears the fridge door open and sniffing the
celery . Well, he may sniff it but licking is another story!! I was
eating a few pieces of celery one evening while watching TV when he
suddenly came from nowhere and quickly starting nosing around the
celery in my hand. I wanted to see what he would do, so I put a piece
near his mouth and he gave it a big lick. Then, made an awful face
that said, “Ugh!!” He did not like it one bit and took off
like a shot. Hasn’t been the fridge nosing around since. What a

A joke from a

A lady met a new
gentleman friend and asked him: ” So, do you drink?”

Man: ” I used
to drink a lot but I quit cold turkey .”

Lady: “Wow!
That must have taken al lot of self control!!”

Man: “Well, I
found out I was allergic to it. Every time I drank I broke out in
spots: New York.. Montreal.. Chicago…!!!”

Have a good week, Dawn

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