Nick Seebruch Isn’t the Brightest Fellow : FORD BEER @ Corner Stores by Jamie Gilcig 060919

Nick Seebruch of the Seaway News isn’t the brightest journalist. He takes stands on issues like this while staying silent on important local issues.

I get it. When you tell simple truths about bad people doing bad things you end up with less ads in your newspaper. For someone like Nick, possibly being replaced, with journalism jobs, even one like that at the Seaway News, are getting harder to find.

It impeaches journalists and journalism sadly.

But I digress. Let’s get back to Nick’s near retarded editorial regarding the Ford plan to have Ontario join the free world and allow more widespread sales of Beer and spirits in the province.

Right now we have “The Beer Store” which is a near monopoly owned by a few big beer companies. It’s great for them. It essentially is a distribution monopoly.

Like most governments; who essentially are like the mafia, they generally don’t like to share the cash, and the beer store makes a lot of cash.

Thing is people like me won’t shop there. I don’t buy much beer, but I’d rather buy it at the LCBO or in Quebec or NYS. I like the options. Mostly I don’t like getting raped at the register, and I sure as heck won’t stand in lines for anything, especially beer.

As a Montrealer I grew up with “the dep” as my go to place for beer; from morning to night. They don’t call them “convenience” stores for nothing.

Likewise, these stores are owned by real humans. Many are passed down to their children, and many are owned by immigrants who might not be able to earn as much with limited language and local culture skills.

These stores, which also are community hubs, have been dying on the vine because of entities like the beer store. There’s no money left in legal ciggies, and lottery doesn’t give up much cash.

This really is a no brainer. Take some cash from a few big beer companies and spread it around to the people.

More distribution always equals more competition which means that you and I will have more options and better value. The province will still make its cash, and more sales equals more taxes coming in rather than going outside the province.

While many of the Ford governments initiatives have room for criticism; this one doesn’t and frankly it’s what most people, except it appears for Nick Seebruch, want.

Now if Dougie can figure out Marijuana distribution…..

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  1. The big winner in The Beer Store is Big Beer. The gov’t only collects taxes from TBS. Big Beer collects most, if not all, the profits from TBS. It’s time Ontario join the rest of the world in how beer and liquor is distributed in this province.

  2. The drunk in the picture is Cornholes emblem. The only kind of rif raf that lives down there.

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