Cornwall Canada Day Fireworks Let Down – MCA Chief Abram Benedict Snubs City After Welcome Sign Gesture 070219

One would think that Grand Chief Abram Benedict would have some love and time for the City of Cornwall? After all the city not only agreed to partner on the Chem Tank location with the MCA, but also recently announced that Mohawk would be added to welcome signs to visitors arriving in Cornwall.

Chief Carolyn Francis was sent instead.

The event was marred by bad weather through the weekend culminating with reports of the fireworks barge getting stuck and delayed.

Many had left the event by the time some fireworks went off.

This was the first year that MP Guy Lauzon was not allowed to hijack the event. He had run the event through his so called committee essentially turning it into a partisan party with allegations of slush funds and local businesses being intimidated into donating as this newspaper exposed.

It’s now being run by another non inclusive hot mess of the City and a sadly corrupt local Optimist Club which is rapidly gaining the notoriety of the local Kinsmen organization.

Many on local social media reported leaving Cornwall for the weekend; some as close as camping over the border in the US.

Others simply highlighted the weakness of offering to the public in Cornwall with some complaining that some nearby townships offered more for the holiday; especially for the kids.

What did you do this Canada Day weekend?

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