It’s Time for Lisa MacLeod to be Removed From Cabinet. By Jamie Gilcig 070619 #ONPOLI

Lisa MacLeod is an interesting politician. She’s brass, not afraid to speak her mind, and popular in her riding.

She however has proven she is not ministerial material. It’s not a crime. Not everyone is and it doesn’t mean she’s bad at repping her constituents.

In these days of social media micro scrutiny she’s simply a loose cannon and at the Ministerial level that’s not a good thing.

Her latest blowup with Sens owner Eugene Melnyk clearly was a zero sum gain that seems Rock n Roll fueled.

While many Sens fans may have very valid issues with his ownership of the team, for the Minister of Tourism to be shouting away at him impeaches her ability to do the job and the ministry itself.

Premier Ford essentially has two choice; either quietly wait a bit and bump her down to try and save face, or what I have a hunch he might do, especially with his bigger picture aspirations, “accept her resignation” from cabinet…with all sorts of regrets…yadda yadda…..

The poor Sens need all the love they can get.

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