Cat Hating Mayor Bernadette Clement & Council Vote Against Backyard Wood Fire Pits in Cornwall. By Jamie Gilcig 091019

Thee’s nothing like the crackle of real wood in a chimenea or wood pit. With no real cultural activity in the city other than cover bands and drag nights, weekend fires are a chance for friends and family to enjoy some time together.

Some of the best nights I’ve had in this city were around a fire. Sadly that is to be no more because of the circle at Council, led by Mayor Bernadette Clement who seem intent on passing rules that bigger cities have and each one of these puts another stake in the heart of the positives of living in Cornwall.

It sends an odd message out for a community that is desperate for people to move here.

Right now the city has passed new missives that are caustic for cat owners, now ban wood fire pits, historically gone after kids ice rinks, lemonade stands, and worm selling.

It’s as though we live in a cranky old town that is only concerned with having a few flower pots around the ghost like downtown and le Village cores.

All this while raising taxes and cutting services and behaving like thugs and bullies.

The reality is quite simple in the fire pit case. Charge idjits a $100 fine for any needless complaints. The city has admitted to no real damage from the fire pits. It really is a dysfunction of the bylaw department and an emotional reaction by too many seniors and nitwits on Council.

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I was up past Renfrew this week and stopped at a small village store. The owner was a visible minority that had been there for 25 years and raised his family; was fully embraced, and now was selling the biz and moving into a house he’d just bought.

I have been told by people that have lived in Cornwall 20, 30, and 40 plus years that they still feel like an outsider here.

As the old saying goes, “You get the government you deserve.” And this, sadly, is what we deserve. All you have to do is look at who is voting for what and you can see quite clearly who is destroying what little positive value this community has.

It really is time for Brampton 2.0


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  2. Ditto, Jamie. But, I would suggest a $300 fine for bogus complaints.

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