Election Day After a Dismal Campaign Period – View From the Hill. By Keith Beardsley 102119 #CDNPOLI

Election Day is finally here. In spite of a dismal election campaign by all of the parties exercise your democratic right and vote.

It was one of those campaigns where voters wish a POX on all of them. People I talk to and that includes several partisans, made up their minds walking into the voting booth (as did I). If that is the case, then polling numbers mean nothing and your vote really can make a difference.

The Liberals spent the election promising to use your future tax dollars to buy your vote. Does anyone believe that they will balance their budget in 2040? We are talking my grandchildren and possibly great grandchildren paying for Liberal spending today.

After repeated scandals, Trudeau is still saying “trust me”. Really? Not a chance in hell- he is an embarrassment to our country.

The Conservatives ran a campaign promising to put more money in your pocket. Does anyone believe a government- any government- municipal, provincial or federal will do that? What they give with one hand they take away with another. Someone will pay for the billions of dollars of cuts they promise to make- either consumers or provincial or municipal taxpayers- someone always pays.

While the Liberals offered a vision of a be happy, trust me campaign, the Conservatives never really offered a vision. I remember attending Preston Manning events where he offered a vision of a better future for our children and grandchildren- this time the Conservatives never really managed to link that to their platform- instead it was primarily an anti-Trudeau campaign.

Towards the end of the campaign, the NDP did manage to get some momentum going, but their spending promises are extremely high. Singh improved, but still made classic mistakes especially in health care and then insulting Conservatives. To use the old Conservative attack line, he is just not ready.

The Greens started strong and then seemed to fade towards the end. It is unfortunate that most people see them as a one trick pony- IE the environment. There were some attempts to get the rest of their platform out to voters, but it looked half-hearted at best and there is still far too much focus on western issues. That will change over time, but not this time around.  

Elizabeth May is a decent person and a hard- working MP who is correct that we need more civility in politics and a new way of doing things. But either she needs new advisors, or she is ignoring their advice. One example was when May tipped her hand far too early as to who she would or would not support in a minority government. Having been a senior advisor when the Harper government won a minority, this is a very foolish thing to do. Politics can see some strange combinations emerge and issue after issue gets looked at individually and concessions get made to advance another party’s platform items.

And of course we have the Bloc who surged in the end. My guess is they will send a strong contingent to Ottawa.

So here we are today- voters faced with little positive in the way of a choice. But your vote can make a difference this time if only to express your displeasure with all of the parties. It is certainly time for the two main parties to take a long hard look at themselves- both need a make over if they are to survive the next generation of voters.

Exercise your democratic right and vote- in many parts of the world that is impossible. It is a freedom we enjoy and need to protect.

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