Woman Has to Pay $1000 to Buy Back Her Dog – BOOMER is home! 110419

CFN viewers stepped up after our coverage of Boomer, the allegedly stolen German Shepherd. LINK

The story saw over 40,000 pageviews and over 5,000 shares on social media.

Sunday Rachel Lariviere was reunited with her dog Boomer!

We spoke with her about what happened. Allegedly a Claude & Crystal Safner were advertising on Kijiji for people to give them their Doberman or German Shepherd. The couple was alleged to have posted that they had 67 acres and that the owners could come visit their former dogs whenever they wanted.

Rachel, who’d been going through some dramatic life issues stated that in a moment of weakness she thought it might be bigger for the 125 pound Boomer.

She said she agreed to a one week trial, but after four days realized it was a mistake and called the couple to get her dog back only to be told that they’d sold it!

It turns out that she’s not the only one and that the couple appear to be selling animals that they glean from there ad.

After CFN viewers spread the news a man in Ottawa reached out to her saying that he’d bought Boomer for $1000 and was told a story that the owner had cancer and was too ill to care for the dog. Rachel had to reimburse him to get her dog back.

Boomer is home safe and sound, and we couldn’t be happier !  We all went through tremendous stress in the last weeks, including Boomer. We are amazed at how communities came together to help us on our mission.  It is extremely endearing to see that complete strangers we’re going out of their way helping in our search.  I think this is what warms my heart the most !  Quebec, Ontario, you amaze me!

We’d also like to send a message to be carful to whom you entrust your 4 legged family members too.  As we were confronted with the worst scam possible.  Amongst all the love and support we received, there are still very evil people, who will do anything for a buck.

Thank you to everyone who made our reunion possible !

Rachel Lariviere

She also stated that she’s hiring a lawyer and the Quebec police have been contacted.

If this scam sounds familar to you please email us at info@cornwallfreenews.com

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  1. Claude just tried to scam me of my 6m old Doberman too..Thanks for internet and google search services, Be careful people he is on the move again

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