View From the Hill by Keith Beardsley – Will Trudeau Pounce on PC Leadership Void? #cdnpoli 122219

If you love comedy you will enjoy following the Conservative Party after they lost the 2019 election.

Over decades of working with and for them, I often heard them say how the country should be run more like a business. Well they can’t even run their own party and if their party was a business, there would be a massive shake up in the works.

  1. They blew an election that was theirs to win
  2. They AGAIN underestimated their main opponent (Trudeau)
  3. They lacked key policies on climate and the environment
  4. They lacked appeal in major urban centers and with millennials and Quebec
  5. They once again couldn’t convince Canadians to trust them on the abortion issue, same sex marriage, LGBTQ rights etc.

Needless to say, key players in the party immediately began stabbing their leader in the back as part of the blame game. Yes, Scheer was one reason they lost, but the party’s 1950s and 1960’s outlook was also a reason.

In an attempt to push Scheer out, opponents have been leaking stories to the media that try to make Scheer look either dishonest or someone foolishly spending donor’s money. Somehow, they think this will make the public trust them to govern honestly and that the constant turmoil will show that the Conservatives are fit to govern. There is something wrong with that thinking.

When the leader did announce he was resigning, he didn’t really resign. Instead he is still there until a new one is in place which will be someday in the future, when they get their act together (we hope).

What an opportunity for the Liberals. If the Liberals can rev up their donation machine, they can find a way to call an early election while Scheer is still leader.

With the policy convention now pushed to November, any election called before then will feature the Conservatives using the same old playbook. If I was on the other side, it would be a great opportunity to give it another try.

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  1. I always like Keith’s editorials. But I must point out a technical error. The title of the article reads “PC Leadership”. The means Progressive Conservative. The federal conservative party is called the Conservative Party. They got rid of any references to Progressive when the old PC party merged with the Alliance Party. And the Conservative Party is anything but Progressive in its policies.

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