Seniors Situation Room – By Dawn Ford – Happy 2020!

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The Beek Lindsay Seniors Residence held their annual Christmas Food Drive to benefit the Food Cupboard at Trinity Anglican Church over the Christmas Holidays. In this photo, Pat Marchand is adding some food to the donation box.

Linda Roach, Office Manager of Beek Lindsay, made some nice signs and on a daily basis, Claudette Quesnel did most of the work by daily tending to the storage of the donated food. Thanks to you both for helping. A thank you to Bruce Girling of Trinity Church Staff for his help and a big thank you also to all the residents who donated to help those in need.

The tenants were treated to a wonderful turkey dinner on the 17th. of December catered by Catering 2 Kidz and the tenants also had a delicious turkey dinner on the 26th. catered by Pat Marchand. Lots of delicious food over the holidays.

I was in the Laura Secord Shop at the Cornwall Square Shopping Mall lately to buy a scrumptious Laura’s chocolate ice cream cone one day. When the staff sees me, they get out the scope right away. I couldn’t believe my eyes!! There was a long long chocolate bar. It is about 30+ inches long. All that chocolate is a dream come true for any chocoholic( like me).

I took a photo of three of the staff with the long, big, wonderful bar, Lt to Rt.: Glenda, Kensie and Carmen. The staff are always so helpful and pleasant.

The Heartwood Nursing Home on Eleventh Street where my brother Ron is a patient, held their Christmas party on Dec. 17th. There were three separate parties going on in the Gathering Room dining room, and on the first and second floor dining rooms. My brother Brian and his wife Sandra and I took Ron to the one in the Gathering Room. Lots of beautiful decorations made the room very festive. Entertainment was given by Len Goldfarb , Gerry Meilleur and Ultra Classics on the different floors.

We attended the group of entertainers led by Gerry Meilleur. Gerry had once been the Maintenance Manager at the home until he retired last June. Now he is a volunteer around the home and also entertains on occasion. His group was wonderful and played all the well known Christmas songs. My brother Ron was singing to Jingle Bells and other songs and clapping his hands which was nice to see him enjoying the music.

Santa’s elves helped serve a lot of delicious snacks. Santa arrived with gifts for each resident. It was a really nice party.

In this photo are Gerry and his group of entertainers.

Photo courtesy of Caroline Seguin, Recreation/Restorative Manager.

Did you see that commercial where several people are standing around and a guy – a grown up man – sticks his tongue onto a frosty metal fence post and gets stuck???? Kids used to try it when I was young and I remember one child getting his tongue stuck on a metal fence post at St. Columban’s School on Augustus Street. They had to get him medical aid. I wonder why anyone would do that? Maybe on a dare or something.

And now it will be New Year’s once more. Resolutions to make? Or not??

I came across this beautiful poster my late friend Sue Brent had made for me years ago. Sue was a graphic artist and had painted the lovely flowers, lady bug and ice cream cone along the side of the beautiful poem of gratitude by Joy Lovelet Crawford.

Wonderful poem.

A cute joke from a friend:

Today, in the cutest voice, my 8 year old daughter asked me to start recycling.

I chucked and asked, “Why?”

She replied, “So you can help me save the planet.”

I chuckled again and asked, “And why do you want to save the planet?”

“Because that’s where I keep all my stuff,” she said.

Have a good week and a very Happy New Year’s, Dawn

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