Dear Prime Minister Trudeau, you owe the American Government an Apology. By Jamie Gilcig #cdnpoli #uspoli 011420

It’s been a hot mess watching the tragedy play out in Iran.

The shooting down of an Ukranian airplane with 57 Canadians out of 173 souls was an act of terrorism and murder.

While some are calling it an accident, the plane clearly flew from Iran. IE, flight control in Iran knew it was in the air and who was on board. And there weren’t too many planes flying in Iran at that time.

If one hand of the government didn’t communicate with the other, even in a time of stress, it clearly highlights why the US and other countries have grave concerns about Iran having Nuclear missiles.

Our Prime Minister’s televised reaction made Neville Chamberlain look rash. Watching our PM he looked stunned with little to say other than calling for an investigation for something that you didn’t need to be an expert on to call.

That Iran at first refused to accept guilt or allow the Black Boxes to be turned over was a huge red flag.

In an interview on Canadian television Justin Trudeau is quoted as saying:

“I think if there were no tensions, if there was no escalation recently in the region, those Canadians would be right now home with their families,”

That is the worst political statement this writer has read in a very long time. It’s frankly like wearing Black Face, and then trying to wiggle out of it only to get caught again.

It’s simply inexcusable.

Regardless of one’s politics or support or non support of the US leadership; they made a choice and took an action which they owned. They didn’t hide black boxes or try and claim it was an accident. It was a targeted attack at someone who was a major hawk in a hostile area right after an American was killed in the region, and a major protest was engineered in front of a US embassy.

The bear was poked and the bear bit back; hard. End game. A military target was hit. It was not a target at innocent civilians on a commercial flight full of families.

Canada is no bear. There is little to nothing that Canada or Justin Trudeau and his government can do if it wanted to retaliate or seek retribution. It probably was a factor in why that particular jet was targeted. No American citizens on board. Iran knew what would likely happen if they shot down a plane with even a single US citizen in flight.

If any country wanted to attack Canada we would require the US or Nato to protect us. That we’re on the US border has created an aura of safety that many take for granted.

The US has been a friend and ally of Canada for over 100 years. Sometimes we’re better friends, sometimes less, but we have spilled blood together through two world wars, and lost blood. We share a border, culture, families, and economies. America is like family.

And while families can bicker, what Mr. Trudeau has said is so cretinous that it simply is inexcusable. An apology would actually be an insult.

One has to wonder what he and his team was thinking to come out with this statement at this time? It certainly can’t possibly be of any comfort to the families of the victims of this tragedy.

Canadians should be angry. A lot of Canadian blood has now been spilled by a regime that has been behind a lot of spilled blood, and responsible for a lot of hate and violence around the world.

In a perfect world this would be a point for the Iranian people to make a clear choice; because these sorts of actions simply won’t help any of their causes. This would be a good time to renounce Nuclear weapon dreams; and pull back support for the terrorist groups it sponsors in the region.

The only possible justice for their heinous act would be true repentance and change of direction.

While nothing can truly heal or comfort the loss for the victims families; a better world might heal a tiny bit of the pain of their loss.

As for this Prime Minister; he’s created one of the darkest days between the US and Canada since 1812. Shame on him.

God Bless America.


  1. Shame on Trudeau for sure, Iran admitted guilt but he & his brother from Iran are on a hate crusade for Canada in his tyrant of U S to blame, Trump warned Iran about them not killing their protestors of Iran, he will keep his word, another missile may well be on its way after 400 protestors shot & killed

  2. Right on!

  3. So now it’s being suggested that jet was shot down on purpose, not by accident?

  4. Author

    A video was released which appears to show a first missile hit. the plane staying in air, and then being hit by another shortly after.

  5. I saw that video. It still could have been mistaken identification by the Iranian military, etc. It wouldn’t be the first time more than one missile was sent after one target. Most military strikes are by multiple missiles even if the target is an airplane. At least Iran has owned up to it, unlike Russia in 2014.

  6. The Canadian PM/Spokesmodel’s statement reflects a liklihood that no such tragedy would have occurred had an Iranian soldier/general in a third party nation been assasinated, following the even earlier killing of a contractor/mercenary. And had a foreign sponsored coup that ousted a democracy in Iran not occurred, the current filthy murderous regime there likely would not exist.

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