Letter to the Editor on Coronavirus in Cornwall 012620

Dear Editor,

Does Canada have the resources to lock down a population of millions in a half dozen cities?

Does Ontario have the wherewithal to build a couple of 1000 bed hospitals in two weeks?

Does any public safety authority have the gumption to institute an aggressive screening and tracking protocol?

Anyways, while you’re counting up the “no’s” to these questions, take a moment to wish a Happy Lunar New Year to the many guests returning to studies in Cornwall and throughout Ontario and the rest of Canada, trusting that they’ve had a speedy trip without bothersome delays for inconvenient “novel coronavirus” screening or suchlike… thanks to neither national nor local health authorities adopting an aggressive screening and tracking protocol at ports of entry or in destination communities.


Gene Phage – Cornwall Ontario


  1. The most recent comment on “Novel Coronavirus” from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit website comes from back in December 2019 and states ever so weakly that, “health care facilities are required to report any suspected or confirmed case of the new coronavirusis”.

    So rather than ‘Put a fence ’round the edge of the cliff, ‘ the EOHU seems thus far content with, ‘An ambulance down in the valley.’

  2. The Cornwall Free News was a community leader when it published this LTE, and certainly far ahead of the EOHU, City Hall, and the rest of Cornwall’s media.

    Canada’s health czar, Ms. Tam was still poo pooing the notion that CoVid was airborne… and at of all places, a meeting called by NavCanada management, attended by over 100 maskless persons including Health Canada workers — and crazy! — one of them coming directly from the quarantined passengers of the Grand Princess where CoVid was active.

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