CFN Viewer Protest Letter re NAV CAN Site for COVID 19 Quarantine CORONAVIRUS – Please Share and Email! 021620

CFN Viewer Protest Letter re NAV CAN Site for COVID 19 Quarantine CORONAVIRUS – Please Share and Email! 021620

CFN has some amazing viewers. This was submitted today and already sent to council. If you don’t want NAV to be used as a Quarantine site please email council as well as our MPP and MP. Please copy and paste this letter and fill their in boxes!

Dear Members of Cornwall City Council,

I respectfully ask that the City of Cornwall take any and every step necessary to stay any actions by any agency to operate a quarantine facility at the premises known as the Nav Centre, situated at or about 1950 Montreal Road, Cornwall, Ontario.

The foregoing request is made in consideration that:

a.    The Government of Canada intends to repatriate certain persons from a COVID-19 tainted environment, and further intends to quarantine these persons in an unsuited Cornwall Ontario facility. (see Coronavirus disease (COVID‑19): Outbreak update)

b.    The persons slated for quarantine are arriving in Canada from a vessel with probably the highest concentration of COVID-19 virus infections anywhere in the world aside from a medical unit. Of the 3,711 persons on board the Diamond Princess cruise ship docked in Japan – 2,666 guests and 1,045 crew – 1,219 individuals have been tested for COVID‑19 and 355 (and climbing) have tested positive.

c.    The Government of Canada has made clear that travelers returning from such an environment continue to be at an increased risk for COVID‑19. (see 2019 novel coronavirus: Outbreak update)

d.    The intended quarantine facility (Nav Centre) is unsuited and shockingly, would not even meet the corresponding minimum government requirements for livestock quarantine; the primary shortfalls being in the areas of physical facility security, controlled access; isolation of individuals/vectors, shared ventilation, cleaning and disinfection of housing and amenities, and waste storage/removal.

e.    Staff, members of the public, and clients (numbering in the hundreds), that access Nav Centre facilities daily, cannot possibly be guaranteed safety should the virus present itself in any person/vector on the premises.

f.     The admitted risk of COVID‑19 being introduced to the community through this workplace and public space is reckless; the facility is wholly inappropriate as a quarantine facility – against communicable disease – for these or any person(s) that is at risk of COVID-19 illness (due in this instance to their likely earlier exposure).

g.    It is unacceptable that workers and the public be placed in a situation of risk to both health and livelihood.

h.    The action of the federal Minister of Health is reckless and negligent, and was not preceded by any meaningful obligatory consultation with all parties concerned.

I further request that the City of Cornwall be a proactive advocate on behalf of unrepresented workers at the Nav Centre who may be faced with decisions that weigh health and risk against  income security, should they rightfully (as per appropriate worker protection legislation) decline to enter the Nav Centre premises or decline duties that place them in proximity to any risk to well-being that this quarantine situation may create.

Yours respectfully,

(Name Withheld By Request)

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