Lack of Local Leadership Led to Coronavirus Victims @ NAV Can. NAV knew for over a Week Without Telling Cornwall! By Jamie Gilcig 021720

EDITORIAL: They say you get the government you deserve and that has played out in spades sadly here in Cornwall.

While MP Eric Duncan and Mayor Bernadette Clement were jigging it up at Mamma Mia Saturday night the Federal government issued a release that Princess Diamond was going to dump their poor Canadian passengers at NAV CAN in Cornwall instead of Trenton or any other freaking Canadian Force Base; like for example one in BC which is closer to Japan.

Echoes of the Chem Tanks in Cornwall both our mayor and equally inept MP claimed they knew nothing and were shocked, taken aback and gosh darn wanted answers!

At the press conference today; which this newspaper was blocked from attending, (we Indies get this rep for telling the truth which most governments really are not into regardless of our traffic and market reach) it came to pass that NAV in Cornwall was aware for at least one week if not longer.

Apparently NAV didn’t bother to chat with anyone at City Hall or Eric “the Fey” Duncan, our MP who barely beat out an opponent that nearly lost to a STD in a CFN viewer election poll, who posted how upset he was and stomped his foot that nobody told him anything before this hit the fan!

One must shake their heads and it’s no wonder why the Cornwall brand is such toilet water. And not Eau de Toilette either. No, this one with chunks.

The government; once you cut through gobbedly gook, has admitted that there’s a low chance of spreading. Kinda like saying if you play Russian Roulette there’s a low chance of airing out your brains.

Think about this. They couldn’t control a quarantine on a floating isolated ship so they decided to move 200+ souls to an event centre in Cornwall instead of a secure facility like the Trenton Military base.

Meanwhile staff have allegedly been told that they won’t be forced to work during this issue at NAV, but of course they won’t be paid either. What a choice, risk the latest Black Plague or worse poverty, than you already are living in. FFS pay those poor workers if they refuse to go to work while Coronavirus is in the same facility. They are not health professionals nor trained in how to deal with possible issues that could arise as did on the cruise ship!

And of course one of the things we do know is that more seniors die from COVID 19 or Coronavirus so let’s set up shop next to Glen Stor Dun Lodge, Cornwall’s city run senior facility.

Which is why the Feds dump stuff like this on Cornwall. Instead of a united front and working together with strong leadership we get a 3rd rate production of Mamma Mia with Eric and Bernie whooping it up.

I swear you can’t make this pathetic drama up.

The irony is that Mayor Clement has literally been pushing and throwing city biz at NAV CAN for a few years now; since she and her girlfriends had their power sessions there.

City events; farcical faux vanity universities, and slush funds, and just about any excuse to send city tax dollars has been given to NAV under Bernie’s watch.

And now NAV has bitten her in her rather large thinking portion which she sits a top of.

Karma knoweth thy name, and it’s reality.

So I was asked repeatedly, as I ran for mayor in 2014, what would I do since I’m such a hot shot?

Well, after the Chem tanks I would clearly have taken action. I would’ve explored legal remedies for that circus because Cornwall created an situation where the Feds knew if they could get away with it as easy as they did last time they could do it again, as they just have.

I would call my buds at NAV CAN and clearly let them know if one virus patient set foot on the property they would not see another dime of city money under my watch if I could help it. It’s that simple.

While NAV may cry that the Feds are forcing this on them, that cry simply wouldn’t ring true. This isn’t an emergency and there are options; secure ones, safer ones, more practical ones.

It’s time for Cornwall to stop being the toilet of Canada. Just because some of our locals like Roy Perkins and Randy Sauve emulate the functions that lead to flushing, it shouldn’t reflect on the rest of us in this city.

It’s time to really think about the place we call home, that is if we don’t end up becoming a statistic, because you know, what could happen……


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  1. Get the shovel ready!!

  2. Dear Mr. Duncan, Madame Bernadette, And MPP Jimmy,

    Did they tell you that charter MMZ771 left Japan for Trenton and arrives at quarter past twelve tomorrow morning?

  3. Latest update is they will leave Japan Thursday morning (local time) , 14 hours ahead of EST. With a minimum travel time of 14 hours and re-examination they they could be here around the time Lassie has suggested.

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