NAVCAN in Cornwall to Have 11 AM Employee Meeting Over COVID 19 Coronavirus Scare 021820

What utter insanity filled with lies and misinformation. This writer feels for all the workers who are at NAV wondering what the heck is going to happen.

Some have shared they have been told that they won’t be forced to come into work, but wouldn’t get paid.

We’re waiting to hear of the developments from a meeting posted to be occurring with staff and NAV pooh bah Kim Coe Turner.

If you work at the facility and want to share any concerns or info (confidentially) email


  1. Where is the Ministry of Labour for Empoloyment Standards? …the Unions? …the Ontario Federation of Labour? Who is protecting workers from lies, misinformation, and threats?
    These Nav Centre workers are our neighbours and need you to advocate and support their expectation of a safe and healthy workplace.
    Call your MP and MPP, post on social media, leak to our news outlets… Just Do It!

  2. Author

    And if our neighbors get infected, we get infected.

  3. Amazing!
    The EOHU will permit persons quarantined for health, to head outside for a smoke (LOF’nL), and if they want to wander off? Well, they’re not prisoners, says Dr.Paul.
    And if someone develops symptoms, is the quarantine clock started over? Dr. Paul had no answer.
    The restaurant, Spa, and conference reservation cancellations are flooding in.

  4. Surprise… the Nav Centre thought they’d inject a presenter into the info session, that had just come from working among the Trenton quarantine group. This was a bit unnerving to some in the then captive audience, but showed he was still alive, unaffected, and that he was working with nitwits carelessly unaware the stunt might not be prudent at this time.

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