Petition Asking the Gov’t of Canada to Not Place Diamond Princess Passengers @ NAVCAN in Cornwall Ontario – Please share and sign. FEB 18, 2020

Because of a lack of clear information and what is happening to other members of the ship and the risk of this new and unknown virus we the undersigned at the Government of Canada to place those returning to Canada in secure facilities such as the Air Force Base in Trenton (or others in Canada) and not at the NAVCAN facility in Cornwall Ontario.

Please sign and share the petition as we know it will be read.

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  1. `NavCan facility is NOT a level 4 containment facility it’s not even level 1. The air is recycled through the facility. Anyone is that building could get infected under their so called quarantine.

  2. Author

    NAVCAN is not responding to our questions. The EOHU is not responding to this newspapers questions, nor is the city or mayor’s office. This is scary. Health and Public safety should be the only issue and those not embracing that should be fired immediately. With this newspapers reach and market share it should be the very first media outlet regionally given releases and info, and certainly advised and invited to any press conferences.

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