Buses Arrive @ NAV CAN in Cornwall – 131 Canadians Fly to Trenton from Diamond Princess #COVID19 022120

A CFN viewer sent in photos from this morning of the first buses arriving at the NAVCAN facility in Cornwall Ontario.

Details are tight right now and we will update as more information becomes available.

You can reach CFN at info@cornwallfreenews.com

From our CFN viewer onsite:

No trespassing signs everywhere. Nope. The media is open. No one is controlling it. Just a tiny few parked vans at the roadway entrance to left. 3 tripods set up I could drive right up to the main entrance and back down

We are live updating as more info comes in.

“Try to get any of them out before the CTV who just set up. Can’t see it in the photo but just to the left of the blockade is a NAV security carOnly 1 CPS on site at main entrance .

It appears that we are down to 129 passengers arriving in Cornwall.

Video of passengers arriving.

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