CFN Exclusive – 1 on 1 with Possible 1st Cornwall Confirmed COVID 19 Coronavirus Patient 032320

It started with a headache. The person rarely got head aches. Then chills, like they had a fever, and then the cough.

Within two days more symptoms, and then confirmation that someone close to them was getting tested and that they too were now getting tested.

How can this be, right here in Cornwall? They knew rationally that it was coming here and coming hard as the EOHU, the Clement Council, and Police have not been proactive or even used best practices to protect the community.

We live in a country where our Prime Minister couldn’t protect his own wife so why would we expect him to protect us?

The swab.

A paramedic in gear shows up at the door. She’s gentle and calm, but mildly nervous. After a series of questions and showing of your OHIP card out comes the swab, a very long stick with a q tip looking end.

You put your nose back and up it goes, and goes, and goes until it feels like it hits your brain. Your eyes water and your nose drips as you gasp to recover.

Mild chit chat and then the waiting starts. Every sneeze, cough, you tube clip, and phone call can mean that things are worse, even though we know most people will come through this after two to four weeks of symptoms and illness.

You don’t feel like eating and have bouts of nausea, but eating helps.

Vitamin D, B12, zinc, magnesium, are gulped down. Tylenol, not Advil are at the ready, but should you fight the fever or let your body do what it has to do?

The nurse tells you that unless your symptoms become severe you’re in Quarantine. Severe essentially means you can’t breathe or your fever goes crazy, or ….worse. There is no treatment for mild symptoms other than to make sure to get lots of liquids and rest in and let your body do what it has to do.

Some people like patient 1 prepared and have food and things in their house for a week or two of quarantine, or even longer. Some don’t.

You don’t want people coming into your house. You don’t want to make them sick.

And you’re dealing with all of this while feeling more fatigued each day. Normal exertions can lead to shortness of breath. Your entire body is fighting the virus and you aren’t even sure you have COVID 19.

You may simply have the flu. Your mind floats between wanting to get it over and kicking its butt rather than recover and have to go through this all over again.

You try not to watch social media, but you can’t avoid the car crash. So many messages and conflicting pieces of information and advice.

And time. Just waiting for confirmation whether you have the pandemic or not. Tick…tick….tick…..

CFN will update once Patient 1 is confirmed or not. Every one please stay safe and please stay away from others, especially seniors.


  1. Dr Paul, do we have a testing site in Cornwall? Where and if not then any not? Gripes I’m told smaller communities have test sites

  2. Author

    Pete they are sending out paramedics to do home tests. Of course qualifying for the test is an entire other question. It’s also taking a long time for results from what I’m hearing.

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