Yes Canada, It’s Time to Mask Up Until COVID 19 Coronavirus is Under Control. By Jamie Gilcig

APRIL 16, 2020 – As our economy teeters we’re learning more about this historic Pandemic.

2 meters apart? 4? We know that Dr. Theresa Tam and government officials have failed. Even though Dr. Tam led a pandemic guideline in 2006 she certainly hasn’t heeded her own advice.

Thousands of Canadians will get sick and die because of the simple truths is that Canada, like other countries, simply didn’t do their jobs and have proper Pandemic protocols in place and reserves of PPE of enough volume to protect even front line workers.

Because of the immense failure of the Trudeau government and the provinces themselves COVID 19 has spread widely and is a threat.

And this is really not unique. It’s more nasty than SAR 1 or H1N1, but we’ve seen our friends in Asia react to epidemics. Some even wear masks when there is no outbreak. It’s a thing.

The wearing of a surgical mask or home made one not only restricts much of the risk of contaminating other, it also reduces spray on surfaces.

Why isn’t this part of an emergency law at this time? Why did Dr. Tam say not to wear masks earlier? Again, Dr. Tam needs to be replaced in her leadership capacity because politicians follow the experts, and as we’ve witnessed, they follow them when they’re wrong to.

That’s step one and it’s a big step. Masking up would allow parts of economy to open back up safely.

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Testing. We need a test that show if someone is contagious. Once that occurs we will be able to function more or less.

We will be dealing with COVID for years, but we can’t mushroom away in our homes.

We need to hold our officials and politicians to the fire. We need accountability in our system moving forward.

Sadly many will have paid with their lives because we collectively did not.

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  1. Paul Roumeliotis… agent provocateur or out of his element? His curfew is more likely to spark civil disobedience than snuff out disease.
    Why are nonessential coffee/donut outlets permitted to act as one more virus vector, while prudent individuals are threatened with arbitrary detention?
    Take the handle off the pump Paul, before manhandling the community.
    (1854 Broad Street cholera outbreak)

  2. The Broad Street cholera outbreak and the pump handle story was pretty amazing.
    It’s a great example of how critical thinking to solve a problem, and common sense to implement a solution, saved lives in a community, even before eliminating the disease.
    It only costs 1 minute and 48 seconds to find out how.
    Broad Street Pump Handle

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