What’s Next for Cornwall Hockey Fans?

As all NHL fans will know by now, the league is in lockdown. In fact, sport across Ontario and Canada remain the same. Therefore, in unprecedented times, new measures have opened up to support players, staff, fans, and more alike.

The past few weeks – and months – have been grueling for the league as well as its fans. Cornwall hockey fans are turning to other forms of entertainment while measures settle down. For example, some will watch classic matches through online streaming or might look for gaming fun, as seen on Casino Market.

Regardless, fans will be pleased to hear that the NHL is moving ahead with plans beyond the current situation. Much of it is positive, too – meaning it may not be too long before Canada’s biggest stars head back to the ice.

Rebates for NHL Fans

In light of curtailment of the league, Canadian NHL fans are now able to claim back any money they may have paid into season tickets. This has arisen across the league thanks to stadiums running empty for safety reasons.

Crucially, teams have found ways in which their fans can claim money back from games they can’t attend. In fact, fans have been offered a variety of chances to receive recompense for the current conditions.

Some teams are offering money off and other perks when things re-open and re-establish. Others, meanwhile, are offering rebates outright. Crucially, there’s a deadline fast approaching for some fans, such as the Vancouver Canucks’ fanbase, who will need to decide how to receive their rebates by June 3rd.

What About the Stanley Cup?

It’s safe to say that no fans of the Stanley Cup have ever known conditions quite like this. The NHL has been curtailed since March 12th, and in that time, fans and players have been waiting to see what happens next. Who’s going to claim the cup? How is it even going to be contested?

Discussions are ongoing. Recent news suggests that a 24-team playoff setup is under discussion. However, this is going to need considerable negotiation, as all teams involved in the league will need to reach a consensus.

So – how will fans be able to catch the action, if it comes back at all by summer? Cornwall residents won’t be able to head to stadiums to see play up close. Instead, they will need to watch from afar, for the sake of ongoing safety measures.

The NHL Will Rise Again

If there’s anything crucial to Canadian sporting culture, it’s the NHL. Current conditions are forcing even the biggest of global sporting events to face postponement. We likely won’t get the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, until next year at the earliest.

However, the NHL is keen to press ahead with business as usual. To survive financially, its teams are going to need a long-term plan regardless of what’s set to happen. Will fans expect to see all 82 games unfurl as normal for 20/21? We’ll have to wait and see.