Cornwall Fire Service Investigates Gas Leak on Amelia – No Social Distancing 062520

Windows on sleepy Amelia Street in Cornwall light up brightly as two Cornwall Fire Service Trucks attended what appears to be a gas leak of some sort.

Concerned neighbors came out of their homes. One deranged looking senior walked across the street to talk the fight fighters, none of whom were wearing any PPE, nor were any of the area residents.

We will update if anything goes boom!

Stay safe. Please mask up, and please help keep everyone else safe.


  1. It’s hard to be a firefighter and do your job if you have to wear PPE. Their equipment weights over 70 lbs, or 31.75 kg. I know they have masks that incorporate oxygen. But I think for a potential gas leak that isn’t required. The firefighters are with each other all the time and are tested.

  2. Author

    It is, but social distancing is important and there were a lot of firefighters present. We wouldn’t want any of them catching COVID

  3. Agreed fer sure. It’s strange. The police and paramedics have Covid-19 responses / action plans on their city websites, but none for the fire department.

  4. Author

    Our emergency service staff cost way too much to taxpayers to have them out with COVID if they can take very basic steps to minimize that chance of infection.

    Because of their closeness during work, which is unavoidable, they have to take extra care with the public and their time when working.

  5. I agree 100%. Police, fire and paramedics should be tested before each new shift. And they should be using PPE when dealing with anyone not in their current working units.

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